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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Maximillian Marx
Between Chilly Beach and the dormitories

A brisk, shuffling sound could be easily distinguised from the boy many called "Stranger". He didn't even stop to answer somebody's snide remark to him, nor did he show any movement but a very casual flick of the wrist, dismissing the remark wordlessly and leaving the commentor flustered at the same time.

Realix Academy... He thought to himself. Finally, the top rated Pokemon academy is just a few hectometers* away... Stopping briefly, a shiny female Raichu stopped near him, staring at the building in awe. He had to admit, it was quite astonishing... if you were simple-minded and had never truly seen a better building. Just a flashy display of money that he hoped was not just spent on looks.

He was aware of a few young women here staring at him, and started a brisk walking pace again. He got no more than two meters on before a student stepped in front of him, the same flustered student from before.

"What's the matter with you, kid? Too high up to respond to the only cool kid here?" The rather arrogant student spoke, his muscled form implying that he was an athlete. The girl next to him seemed to frown at his words.

"On the contrary, I just don't have the time to deal with a loser like you." He replied firmly, with enough control to show that he was the better being here.

"A loser, am I?! Well, at least I don't need a sword for this!" The athletic student shouted, sending a left hook at his face. Suddenly, without letting go of the scabbard to his sword, he ducked the wild fist and swept his leg out, knocking the student on his stomach. Right before the fall completed, however, he managed to grab the left arm and twist it painfully behind the back of the athlete, not enough pressure to cause permanent damage or dislocate his arm, but enough so that the pain was intense.

"You're wasting my time." He spoke coolly, sensing some of the female onlookers blush at his tone and the way he handled himself in the failed fight. Standing up, he turned and resumed his brisk walk, the Raichu giving a glare to the recovering athlete before hurrying over to her trainer.

"I'm not done with you yet!" He heard the athlete yell before a cry of pain emerged next.

"You're done." He replied as casually as before and continued walking, a couple of girls following him.

Walking by the group of new students, he suddenly stopped as a young woman dressed in a maid outfit held out a pair of pokeballs to him.

"You forgot Senka and Rai, Master Maximillian." She spoke as he took the two pokeballs and quickly placed them along his belt.

"Faye, I thought we talked about this before I came here. I don't need you to wear that around me, or around some of the other students here." He spoke, sighing in frustration. "Thank you for bringing them here. Next time, please wear some more casual clothing. Please take my katana back to the boat, Faye." He handed her the scabbard, leaving it more as a command than a question.

"Yes, Master Maximillian." She politely curtsied before walking off with a trained grace, leaving him to sigh and hold a hand to his forehead.

This year is going to be interesting, indeed... Maximillian thought before he continued on his path to the dormitories.

(OOC: *1 hectometer=100 meters, for those who don't know)
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