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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

OOC: who controls the teachers??

"The Headmaster's office is a small building right in front of the academy. It's just up the stone path behind me, follow it and you can't miss it," was the response to Royces question

"Thanks" Royce replied. "Come on Emery" he called to his Cinccino, and together they strutted up the path, noses in the air, towards the Headmasters office.

When they arrived they went inside to find a small sitting room with a large desk behind which a Secretary sat "Can I help you?" she asked airily

"Ah yes, I need to deliver this letter to the Headmaster. Its rather important" Royce replied

"The Headmaster is deep in an important phonecall at the moment, if you leave it with me I'll hand it to him when he finishes" explained the Secretary

"Hmm, nope that won't do. My father asked me to hand it to him in person, so I think i'll just sit and wait" Royce responded stuffily

The Secretary rasied her eye brows in surprise "As you wish then"

Royce took a seat on one of the plush lounges and waited, Emery sitting next to him.

"Well heres to hoping this letter works Emery, I cant see why not. This school looks like it could use some extra funds and if it can benefit me on the side then thats just gravy" Royce whispered to his Cinccino with sly smile.

The envelope was beige in colour with a dusting of gold glitter and was sealed by a wax imprint of the Worthington coat of arms. Inside was a blank cheque with the signature of Royces father on it and a letter which read:

Dear Headmaster Lance,

My name is Charles Worthington of the Kanto Worthingtons and by now you will have met my son Royce. He can be a bit of a handful and times and will no doubt get into some kind of trouble during his time at your academy. My wife and I have high hopes for our only child and it just wouldnt do to have any black marks against his name.

As such, enclosed with this letter you will find a blank cheque with my signature on it. Feel free to write any amount of money on it and cash it in, for school funding of course. In return I ask that my son Royce be exempt from harsher forms of punishment dealt by your school and that his record remains clean.

If you have any problems please dont hesistate to call me and we can discuss other options. I would be more than happy to provide further funding be it for the school, or personal use.

Yours Sincerely

Charles Burns Worthington
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