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Default Re: Character Chat

Chip: *takes a deep breath* Ahhh, randomness. It's good to be back. =^-^=

Stryk: Are you serious? B'

Helio: It's not too hard to miss this place.

Yup, I'm back. You guys didn't really think that I would leave Pe2k without saying anything, did you? ^^

Ok, explanation time. So, I wish that I could say something like I got a new job that kept me so busy I just couldn't get on. Or that my computer died and I had to wait till I could get a new one. But it's neither, unfortunately. Pretty stupid actually. It's my stepbrother's responsibility to pay the cable and he let it get almost 4 months behind (really surprised they left it on so long) so we had to wait for him to catch it up. As if he has a lot of bills to pay besides that. >.> Dummy.
So yeah. That's it. Nothing hugely world changing. Just no internet for a month. Er...however long it's been. =P
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