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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Pho Shizzle
Between school and dorms

Pho only had a second or two to relish in his victory before he felt someone trip over him and fall onto the sidewalk. To his surprise she's didn't yell or even show that she was in any pain, just a simple "Ouch" that was so deadpan that for a moment Pho did think she was being serious. It wasn't until her Gardevoir swooped down to inspect her scraped hands and knees that he saw the damage that had been done. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" He cried and leaped to his feet as if he had just been electrocuted. Bean was chilling out on his shoulder, "Weee"ing happily. "Are you hurt? I had no intention of doing that, I promise! My pokemon was just running away and I had to catch him. Bean likes to run, he thinks it's all a game. Are you bleeding? I can patch that up for you! String Shot makes an excellent bandage, it's not poisonous or dirty or anything, and it comes off just fine after a few days so it won't stick. Or I can take you to the school nurse if you want..."

He seemed to have no idea that he was being ignored. The girl's Gardevoir continued her inspection and it wasn't until one of the many people that had been following the girl (why did she have a crowd? Were they protesting against something?) detached herself from the rest and asked if she was okay. "Just go away, please?" The girl asked in a small voice.

Are they following her? Pho thought while Bean tilted his head in confusion. Why would they follow her? They look like Arcues' Witnesses.

"But Miki, we're your fr--" The Witness started to protest.

"You are not my friends." The girl snapped, although her voice barely changed. "Don't say it. I'm tired of being ignored and treated like an object rather than a person. That is not what friends do, so please go away and leave me alone."

Oh, that is so sad. Pho thought and watched as she stood up and muttered "Sorry" and started to walk away. No one followed. "Hey wait!" He called, breaking into a run until he was right next to her. "Why are you sorry? It's my fault! Don't worry, I'm pretty good with injuries, my parents showed me how to take care of myself. Please please, I feel so bad about it! My name is Pho Shizzle by the way, what's yours?" He stuck his hand out, then remembered that her palms were scraped and it would be painful to take hold of anything and drew it back nervously.

((Oh you adorable dense idiot. I love you XDDD))
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