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Default Re: Face~Roggenrola~Rough-terrain

[-] Rogenrolla (M)
Ability: Sturdy
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Stone Edge

Houndoom (M)
Ability: Early Bird
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Houndoom snorts, though whether it’s amusement or annoyance, you can’t tell.He eyes your Rogenrolla for a moment, and then pounces. Rogenrolla is too slow and too surprised to even consider moving out of the way, and so is caught between the dog’s jaws as he’s crunched down upon. Surprisingly Houndoom’s teeth don’t shatter from biting down so hard on rock. Instead all the damage is done to Rogenrolla, who, despite having a tough as nails exterior, is most certainly not invincible. Houndoom shakes Rogenrolla around a bit, and then tosses him aside like a rag doll.

Rogenrolla springs to his feet… somehow, shaken but not defeated by a longshot. He doesn’t appear to move, being a rock and all, but several white rings of energy fade into existence around him, spinning at high speeds. They steadily slow down, breaking apart as they do into a number of glowing blobs, which then reform again into the shape of large, pointed rocks. The energy fades away, revealing stones in their place, which hover merrily in the air. This lasts mere moments, however, before Rogenrolla’s silent command sends them flying. They hit Houndoom point blank, and actually carry him several yards away with their force. Houndoom stands after landing, though. He’s injured, but he’s going to make the rock pay.

[-] Rogenrolla (M)
Ability: Sturdy
Health: 86
Energy: 84

Houndoom (M)
Ability: Early Bird
Health: 79
Energy: 93

Houndoom uses Crunch. Deals 14 damage. Costs 7 energy.
Rogenrolla uses Stone Edge. Deals 21 damage. Costs 16 energy.

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