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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

OOC: *headdesk* It seems no one read the last bit of Celty and Shinra's post, I forgot to put it in their location, but they did end up at Chilly Beach, watching the group. Oh well. And Esper, I thought you said in his SU that Lee only had one arm, so how can he cross his arms?

Celty and Shinra
Chilly Beach

As the new students started up with asking questions, Celty and Shinra approached, Celty still clinging to Shinra's arm but definitely leading as a young man who looked similar to Shizuo, although missing an arm spoke up, making a comment to the bickering Lyla and Perry before asking how strong the pokemon on the island were. Lyla and Perry made up after the comment and stopped bickering, but Shinra noticed the young man's actual question went unanswered. "I know your question was directed at Justin, but the pokemon here vary in strength from area to area and there are even strength differences among the various areas on the island. Whether or not you consider a battle 'up to your standards' is entirely dependent on your standards and how strong you are as a trainer, but I'm sure you'll find at least one battle that is up to your standards, whatever they may if that means you have to find a way to get into the restricted areas on the island, I cannot say." The end of his sentence was punctuated by Celty shoving her phone in his face.

SHINRA! Don't give them any ideas! We're not allowed to go in the restriced areas because the administration says it's not safe, don't suggest that they should find a way in--if they get hurt because they got in because you suggested it, you could get in really big trouble!!! -_-# Shinra had to take Celty's hand and pull it back before he could read any of the message, and shrugged when he finally could.

"Not my fault if they decide to do something. I might have said it, but the doesn't meant I'm forcing them to do it." He replied, only getting an irritated expression out of Celty in response. The shorter girl puffed up her cheeks and them blew all the air out slowly before turning her attention to Lyla, finally remembering the names of the two familiar students after a moment. After a moment of typing while following as Lyla and Justin began to walk, she held out her phone to the older girl.

Hi, Lyla. Is there anything Shinra and I can help you and Justin with?

"What are you volunteering us for now, Celty?" Shinra asked playfully, allowing his younger companion to drag him along while clinging to his arm. He wasn't going to complain if that meant he got to spend more time with Celty. The girl turned her head to him and smiled before mouthing 'Anything they need help with.' to him.

Michelle Toya
Between the school and dorms

Michelle was completely oblivious to the world even as Pho fell in her path, Cam moved to stop her, but she was too far away and Michelle was too close to the fallen kid. She didn't notice until she tripped over him, flying forward as her foot failed to clear his body and caught on it instead. She hit the ground hard on her hands and knees, but amazingly, did so rather quietly, never shouting or gasping as she fell, only giving of soft, almost surprised "Oh." as she fell and a murmured "Ouch." as her hands caught her on instinct and the ground jarred her knees.

Immeadiately, she jerked her legs away from the guy like she'd been shocked before pulling them under her, wincing as she realized they were scraped and sitting up to inspect her hands as Cam flew to her rescue and took over inspecting her hands worriedly. "...I'm fine, Cam..." The words were light and nearly flat, like a protest to the action only on instinct that she didn't feel like saying. The Gardevoir took a brief glance at her hands before making her stop to stretch out her legs to inspect her knees. Some of those who had called out to her earlier were beginning to come over to look, asking her if she was okay and muttering about "That stupid, weird kid who tripped Miki."

"Just go away, please?" Her tiny request was met with more concern. Fake concern, they're just worrying that they might look bad for ignoring my fall. That's how it always is...

"But Miki, we're your fr--" And there was the almightly slap, the one thing Michelle couldn't stand to hear.

"You are not my friends. Don't say it. I'm tired of being ignored and treated like an object rather than a person. That is not what friends do, so please go away and leave me alone." Her tiny voice barely raised in volume, but it was loud enough for them to hear. It was with that that it seemed Cam was finished inspecting her and found her okay enough to move, as Michelle stood slowly, wincing slightly as her knees protested and turned, looking back at Pho and giving him a soft, uncaring "...Sorry..." before she resumed walking away from them, towards the dorms once more. The "friends" she had just basically exploded at did not move to follow her.

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