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Default Re: gmandiddy - Porygon - Urban

[-] Porygon (G)
Ability: Download
Health: 69
Energy: 54
Status: SpAtt+3
Air Slash

Persian (F)
Ability: Technician
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Inside the house is a Persian, lying on the couch looking very annoyed at you. It seems your antics outside have disturbed her nap, and she means to put an end to that. She pounces at Porygon, obviously identifying it as the main source of sound, and bites down on its body hard. Porygon lets out a shriek reminiscent of R2D2, and shakes Persian off hard.

Porygon zooms backwards, away from the hostile cat. Ranged mode definitely active. Target identified: Persian, female, likely recently evolved. Damage assessment, too much for an ordinary bite. Conclusion: Technician. Problematic. Assessing trainer’s orders: utilize Air Slash. Preparing attack… Error 404: File not found. Searching attack databanks. Attack Air Slash not found. Searching memory. Air Slash found. Manipulating wind into bitingly sharp blades. Approximate energy requirements measured. Preparing attack… attack failed. Air Slash not within program capabilities. Please contact customer support.

All this went on in the space of five seconds, during which both you and Persian stare at Porygon, wondering why the hell it isn’t doing anything.

[-] Porygon (G)
Ability: Download
Health: 57
Energy: 35
Status: SpAtt+3

Persian (F)
Ability: Technician
Health: 100
Energy: 92

Persian uses Bite: Deals 12 damage. Costs 8 energy.
Porygon attempts Air Slash: Fails, move not known. Attempt costs 19 energy.

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