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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Pat Carlile
Dorm/Campus, then the beach.

Pat Carlile was getting ready for the day in his usual fashion. Listening to music while applying make-up (But not mascara, because he usually applied too much and looked like he was half asleep while he did it. Which he usually was..) And then everyone would be staring. As he did this, he imagined slowly walking on stage as heat lights dimmed. Just like Lyla Emony. Lyla Emony used to be his favorite singer, but it seemed like she was no one else's, so she quickly went out of fashion after releasing one record. "I wonder whatever happened to her? Some say she disappeared, others that she was fired for explicit photos... But you get those rumors all the time... Perverts disgust me..." He got up, smiled, and sighed...

He didn't have many friends. The ones he did have were just as much of an outcast as he was. He looked at a picture of his father, and another of Lyla Emony that he had on his wall. "I wish you could be here, dad... I miss you so... And Lyla, you give me hope when I'm down and seemingly out. I love you both. Wish me luck on my first day!" He walked out of his dorm just as Lyla's first and only hit single, "Angel Heart" began to play. This, although there had been lots that he liked, was still his favorite song.

All the new students were at Chilly beach, getting acquainted with their new surroundings. He thought back to his first day longingly wishing that he could feel as splendid and at home now as he did back then. He decided to go welcome the newcomers and headed there with his arms in his pockets. He was turning when he saw a girl with pink disheveled (But still elegantly beautiful) hair and was shocked.. [COLOR=Indigo"That couldn't be Lyla! It just can't be!"[/COLOR] She was standing with a crowd gathered together around her, which seemingly were new students, when she said: "Hello new students. Welcome to Realix Island, the location of the very esteemed Realix Academy. I am Lyla and my friend next to me is Justin. We are here to help you with your first day here at the academy." "It is Lyla! It's like a dream come true!" He was stoked.

THE Lyla Emony, his favorite singer.... Now he was sure that the rumors weren't true... Here she was, standing here, acting all normal... He'd been dying to know where she went... But nothing seemed to be known of her whereabouts, not even on the internet. He hung back, saw a fight between Lyla and another student break out, another student beside them seemed to have seen this all before. He paid attention, looked around and waited until this assembly was over. [COLOR="rgb(75, 0, 130)"]"This is gonna be the best year of my life! I just know it!" [/COLOR]He thought about the possibilities and smiled.
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