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Default Re: twistedspoon | Zorua | Forest

[Strawberry] Zorua (F)
Ability: Illusion
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Aerial Ace

Kricketune (F)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Focus Energy

Kricketune stirs from her nap to the sound of Strawberry’s excited yipping. Bemused, she hops out, looking mildly interested before realizing that the Zorua and her trainer want to battle. She gets into a ready position as Strawberry glows a mild red, and instantly generates two perfect copies of herself in a burst of light. Which one is real is a mystery. It won’t be solved too soon, however, as Strawberry moves fairly quickly. Flanked by her illusionary doubles, she runs forward, her body becoming engulfed by streaks of white light (and to save myself time, I’ll mention that any physical changes to Strawberry are reflected in her copies). Her feet leave the ground as the light propels her and her copies forward, flying through the air. They hit the same point on Kricketune’s chest at the same time, striking directly above the heart. The light dispels at the moment of impact, and Strawberry bounces backwards into the air, doing an awesomecool flip on the way down before landing. Kricketune stumbles back, having not expected such a heavy opening volley. Her own reaction is quite muted, however. She moves her arms in a circular motion a few times, and that’s it. The effects, though, are entirely internal. With a fast and well-practiced meditative technique, she has centered herself, giving her heightened senses which will allow her to target her opponent’s weak spots much better, rather than relying on luck like that last attack had.

[Strawberry] Zorua (F)
Ability: Illusion
Health: 100
Energy: 88
Status: 2 clones

Kricketune (F)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 79
Energy: 97
Status: Critical+2

Strawberry rolled first in the speed tie.
Strawberry uses Aerial Ace. It’s a critical hit! (5.34/6.25). Deals 21 damage. Costs 12 energy.
Kricketune uses Focus Energy. Critical Hit level+2. Costs 3 energy.

You have 28 Safari Points remaining.
What will you do?
>Use Item
> Leave Safari Zone

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