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Default Re: Zekrom's Sprite Shop! (looking for workers)

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
Black and White
Pokemon: Cloyster

Battle Scene
Back sprite pokemon: Cofagrigus
Front sprite pokemon: Arceus (normal form)
Levels: both Lv. 80
Backround: is there any creepy or graveyard background? If no, use just cave.
Names: their original name.
Gender: male Cofagrigus
Text: "Arceus sensed its doom, it's too afraid to move.
(New paragraph) Cofagrigus took the chance to use Dark Pulse"
Attack: Dark Pulse

Other: Is their HP allowed? If yes, Cofagrigus has 3/4 max HP, Arceus has less than 1/4 HP and is red!

Pokemon: Lilligant, Leavanny, Beautifly.
Other: you choose the base.

Do you do retype? If yes:
Pokemon: Bisharp
Type: Poison

For zekrom762000:
Pokemon: Gyarados, Onix, Milotic, Rayquaza.
Other: You choose the base.

Pokemon: Seviper
Part/Full: full
i will get you your sprites in a few days they are on my other computer. also orange for both or just one of then...and only one color...
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