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Default Re: Art n Stuffs | Updated; 11-09-11

Aww, thanks! n__n Yeah, for the stamps I tried out a different style than my own, and I quite like it! Of course I added my own flair to the designs as well, and I really love the dogs. THEY'RE SO CUTE. Haha, no, I didn't draw all those animals. Gosh, could you imagine how long I'd be there for if I did? xD They were just brushes in Photoshop. I love the fact that brushes alone can make things so much easier.

Oh, right! While we're on the topic of my Uni work, I also have another illustration to show you guys that I did recently. xD With this project, we had to create an illustration for a child's library card. So my idea was to have a kid reading a book about a dragon when suddenly...POOF! The dragon pops out of the book and comes to life, just like in your imagination! =)

And a comedy poster as well. xD I really like this one!


Sure, Sarah! I'd love to draw an Archen sometime! That can be tomorrow's job. :3 I might even draw another Bulbasaur for you. I don't believe I've ever really drawn a good one, before. xD

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