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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Royce was very annoyed as he stood with the rest of the new students. His parents had made hime come on the student ship as they were going to be using the families private yacht.

Royce looked over each of the students trying to tell wether any of them were as wealthy as him, no such luck.

"Well it looks like its just me, you, Richie and Glacie then" Royce exclaimed to his Cinccino, Emery.

Royces attention was drawn to a group of veteran students who stood in front of him and his fellow newcomers. They had appeared to have a speech planned but that went up in flames when some brat apparently named Perry decided to create a scene.

So classes started at 7am and an announcement would be made when it was time.

"While those two continue their little discussion, does anyone have any questions they want answered?" Royce heard one of the veteran students ask

"Yes I have one!" Royce yelled out and he began pushing his way to front of the group "move it! get outta my way! dont touch me!" he spat at the other new students "I need to take this letter, from my father, to the headmaster. Where can I find him?"
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