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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Pho Shizzle (Gods I'm laughing already XD)
School Campus

"Bean? Beeeeeeaaaaan! Come on Bean, where are you? You're going to make us late! Beanie Bean!! You better not be messing with the Camls again, Bean! Beeeeeeaaaaaannn..." The student known to most as "That weird kid" called in the sofest voice he could manage. He crawled on his belly through the grass, repeatedly calling out for his pokemon. He was trying not to be loud and therefore scare off all of the other pokemon, but at the same time he wanted his Weedle to hear him. He usually kept the little Bug pokemon outside of his pokeball for companionship and the fact that Bean had issues with them, but at the same time he loved to wander off.

Pho thumped his head against the ground in frustration and cried out as his forehead hit a rock. "Owwww..." he muttered, feeling around for blood. There was none, but he knew it would swell up in a few minutes. "Beaaaaannn," he moaned, feeling around with his other hand in the long grass as if he might fortuitously stumble across his companion there.


His head snapped up. "Bean?" He asked, hardly daring to believe that for once his pokeon actually came back to him when called. "Bean? Where are you, Bean?"


He noticed that it seemed to be coming from behind him. He turned and screamed as he found his pokemon not two inches from his face. Pidgeys flew into the air, startled by the yell, and Bean was knocked off of his perch that he had found in his trainer's shoulder. Whining, the caterpiller-like pokemon started to scoot away. "No Bean, come back! I'm sorry!" Pho yelled, reaching out for it and missing (how in the world could a little Weedle move so fast?) He almost tripped and Bean scooted away for freedom. "Bean!" Pho yelled, trying to get up and run, tripping, and then just running on his hands and knees in an awkward stumbling gait.

Bean squealed, probably finding the whole situation to be a very funny game. He rolled out of the grass and headed for the sidewalk that lead to the dorms, where there were more hiding places. Unfortunately out of the grass Pho was able to get to his feet and he launched himself at the bug, flying through the air like a Persian before grabbing Bean in a tackle. "Gotcha!" He yelled, landing harshly and rolling a few feet before very nearly crashing itno a girl's legs as she walked down the sidewalk.
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