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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 14: Melody of Solace

Now I was busy.

First things first. I should have also told you that, thanks to that gov't crud about Knight's Assent and all that, I not only have to refrain from telling you how Knight's Assent is to be taught, I also must avoid telling you how I see it in others. I didn't need the gov't barking at me, "Don't you DARE put that top-secret, confidential information down, or it'll be the end of what's left of your good name," To refrain from talking about Knight's Assent, as half of it-the half that isn't truly martial arts-doesn't make much sense, even to me. However, I apparently can't say when I see people as worthy for Knight's Assent, even if I don't say a word as to how I know the person in question is worthy.

I'll just leave it at this: I quickly learned that Karazin was another good candidate for Knight's Assent, and he seemed aware of the fact before I was-save the fact that he wasn't.

"I felt like I was in knowledge of the requirements, however slight...But to know I actually am able to partake in it is another matter." Karazin said, in response to me telling the above.

So now, I had to teach Karazin the picky necessities that made Knight's Assent different from everything else, because Karazin had learned Muai Thai and Ju-jitsu a long time ago, and had already mastered the arts of the whip that were also needed. I asked Karazin on why he was so wonderful in that regard, learning everything he needed so that I could focus on the parts I knew how to do. Apparently, he emailed Gear Pesse ONCE and Gear, using a photograph he sent, decided that it wouldn't be for the worst to at least know what he's better off learning. Knight's Assent training for Karazin took four hours, starting when he woke up.

Once that was done, I had to get Karazin very well aquainted with the Pokemon Figurine party I chose for him, according to the rules and regulations he already knew-the Lucario, the Rhyperior, and my Shiny Mewtwo, the last having been swapped for the Lugia. I hoped I made a good choice. Battling that trio with basically whatever other figurine I could, even wielding the giant key to make one Pokemon absurdly strong, allowed me to see how Karazin was doing. As he only had two hours a day, I honestly wished he was good enough to take home the prize-A good source of cash when cash isn't common.

That was it for interacting with Karazin for a day. However, for some reason, he spent the remaining time he was awake working on some random project. The first one? Gloves that couldn't be taken off by anybody other than him, preventing my Fingerprints from being anywhere. I liked them-plastic lines were covered all over the completely black design, and nothing of it interfered with my hands. I never took them off-Literally, I couldn't. Karazin had to, every time. I never asked what he did to it.

Then, I trained my own Pokemon. Vyraz had at last gotten over the effects of having to stand on four legs, and now my two Pokemon were real threats, capable of giving the other a run for their money. That took two hours.

Then Mario's own Knight's Assent training would begin, and albeit he was proceeding fast, I still was slightly dissatisfied at the rate. Nevertheless, I kept at it, eight hours a day, seven days a week. For a month. Meanwhile, the stress from within-about death and killing, missing my family, missing my home, running from law and cults, and all the stuff I had to do, it was all building up, gradually. Had the next raid came later, that stress probably would have been fatal.

"It has been well debated by both Karazin and Avalon, and backed up by Ohnal...And before I announce it, may any record of this show that I do not completely agree with the idea, but outside of this we have no other ideas of where to strike...Our next target is Luvant Cin, at Povinal, in Ocepulid City."

Some people gave roars of approval, but they were mingled in with shouts of anger. Issac was seemingly the most happy about our next raid, and for something I suggested, that was almost miraculous.

"Luvant's connections to the Gov't have allowed several corporations that are obviously feeding the Arbiters onslaught to remain under the radar-however, Luvant's deception can only be covered with money. Remove him, and his influx of cash to the regulators will stop, and they will destroy the buisnesses." Mario said, still hearing rants of those less polite than he was.

"Bleh. For somebody accused of rape, I'd hear more of a pleased response."

All eyes and ears were on Karazin the instant he said 'rape.' I detested the very idea of it. Karazin himself apparently wasn't well informed that very few people heard of the accusation.

"Uhh...Apparently, he was caught by police after a fourteen-year old girl that was obviously raped had said that he saw a man of thirty-one pin her down and rape her. He got away, because Avonu insisted that Luvant was at his house at the time of the rape, but considering Avonu's using Luvant for his own purposes, it is highly likely that Avonu lied." Karazin stated, still getting every last glance in the room. "I swore it was common knowledge, considering who you're targeting." he added, face still rather confused at the lack of knowledge to the fact.

Then Mario got the applause that he deserved. A raping son of a b**ch like Luvant was more than worthy of death, maybe even Arbit-Burning if he managed to get away with more than one.

"We will be there tomorrow, and there will be no members barred this time!" Mario announced.

A massive scream of excitement and total approval rang from every lip in the room, probably to give all with ears quite a deafening effect. My pent-up stress was relieved all in one single burst-that yell was exactly what I needed. That, and a raid on the horizon.


"We have confirmation that Luvant Cin is taking a tour through several cities outside of Ocepulid. They all reside in the Unova region, which isn't going to help our chances-the Unova region, as we all know, has more Volteers than all the other Povinal regions combined, and henceforth Onlisk presence is the strongest there. Thankfully, the tour will take three days, and Luvant will remain unguarded, or at least lightly guarded, during the time. We also have a lucky coincidence-Ocepulid happens to house a Figurine tournament, with a cash prize of a hefty twenty-thousand Zav, and to kick off the tour, Luvant will see the conclusion of this tournament. As it happens, this is a perfect opportunity to assassinate Luvant, or if there's more guards than expected, plant a tracking device on Luvant to kill him later" Mario said.

"With all that in mind, I have made our plan." Mario said, grinning.

To break it down without any of Mario's lengthy talk of the unnecessary details that probably won't matter for this story, well, that'll be necessary. Always. Mario wasn't one to talk more than necessary, but he had to be cautious to the extreme, as if he does something so much as slightly wrong, the whole of the Onlisk Republic would be on Eon Sky's location 24/7, not to mention throw in some interesting language to keep his audience listening, henceforth some lengthy plans, when saying it exactly as he did.

So, I'll be far more brief: The plan was for Karazin and Ohnal-the ES that backed us up, and the older one that took care of restocking-would go into the tournament, and due to some similarities in appearance (Karazin and Ohnal had the same eye color and general body build), they'd attempt to pass off as a foster child and parent respectively (Karazin had no last name-he was picked up by an orphanage, abandoned at the age of one, and Karazin's last foster parents were killed in the Tuaxin invasion), then the duo would then put a tracker on Luvant via contact by having Karazin 'accidentally' brush by him. The tracker would look like a small puff of lint, and would stick to any clothing for a long while thanks to some permanent static Ohnal put on it.

Karazin would, of course, attempt to win the tournament, and just so that he didn't fall asleep during the tournament, costing him an immediate disqualification, we'd time his awakening just right. Meanwhile, Issac, using one of the sniper rifles we had, would take the shot from as far away as possible, if even at all, timing it either when Karazin lost the tournament or finished the final battle and had claimed the prizes-otherwise, there wasn't a hope in the world we'd get the money. Despite this, Luvant's life was priority over the tournament, and even if Karazin was finishing up the last figurine and was almost guaranteed victory on the spot, Issac would shoot if it was the last shot possible. Thankfully, the tournament would be taking place inside a large tent, and Ohnal would tell Issac where to shoot from the phone, in the bathroom, covertly.

If Issac can't take the shot, for whatever reason, we'd simply track Luvant down to the next phases of the tour, until he either returns to the tight security of his home or dies. Either one. As an addition, different members would attempt the killing each time, with various roles and stuff, but Mario decided that he'd reveal them if plan A bombs.

It sounded brilliant. Good plans always did at first. Then came a totally unexpected hitch that nobody saw coming. It ALWAYS happens, or at least, it can happen.


The ship made an odd sound-the first sign of docking on a planet where the population isn't composed of Volteers as the majority. The odd sound was the cloaking device, allowing for a bypass of any technological means and keeping it out of sight-enough for us to enter Ocepulid. Our abilities as Volteerists would be totally out of the question here, as it would be nothing short of insane to reveal a massive spaceship that could traverse the whole Nexus to a planet whose inhabitants haven’t even gone past their own moon.

I liked it-in fact, loved it-that I could finally partake in a raid again, and get rid of all that stress in the celebration I'd certainly hear of when that shot was fired and the rape-making idiot (There wasn’t a word for it) that was Luvant would hit the ground dead. However, then I saw Ocepulid city.

When I heard Mario call it the city of ruins, I swore it was simply a place that had a lot of history to it. I didn't expect that people would actually live in the ruins themselves. Everywhere I looked, I barely saw signs of anything that was truly technology, with only the wooden telephone wires that were shared with Earth the only real modern conveniance. But what was worse was that I saw the building with the white and black dragon heads-meaning that I was already seeing myself being chased away by a very angry Storm and several other very angry people-a sign that the plan may go to all hell. But it was too late to go back now, and if anything, the events didn't exactly have to be connected-So what if both take place in Ocepulid? Did that mean that they happened during this visit? Or would we come back at a later date, only to now find the security amped up?

I had no idea...You have no idea either, do you?

Of course, that's why you even read this book at all. Of course, I had no idea about what was to be the single most famous Eon Sky raid in all of history-the Povinal incident.

We touched down upon the banks of the river that Mario had used-the Welan. The river's quiet movement was shushed out entierly by the surrounding forests. Ohnal woke Karazin up the instant the ship touched ground, and Karazin, knowing the plan, instantly got up and got ready for the grueling task ahead of him. I was to be a spotter for them: It wasn't as if Karazin was totally unknown, and we weren't totally betting on the fact that Karazin could evade detection as someone from Tuaxin during the raid-that would arouse more suspicion than the mission could tolerate.

The instant I got out myself...I heard it. No, I heard her. Wait, what?

Her. I subconsiously corrected myself, I somehow knew that the sound, a beautious melody from some kind of instrument-no, it was her singing. Again did I correct myself with a fact I couldn't confirm and didn't know of until that very moment.

OK, so she was singing. No big deal, it was quite distant-no, she's singing quietly.

That mattered HOW? She has siren like music.

To reinforce everything of this sourceless information, I could somehow tell without prior experience with this type of unique foe where she was singing from-And mind you, this was close. Way too close.

I walked into the nearby expense of forest, signaling to Karazin to stay put before anything...And it took five seconds of clearing out a overgrown bush to find the culprit.

She was obviously focused on her music, and she seemed to play as though an invisible flute was in her hands, even though I knew she was singing. her skin was rather pale, but she had light green hair, falling almost to her feet, and she wore a black dress, with a small green jewel on her forehead. Meloetta, it is Meloetta.

"What's your name?" I asked.

She noticed me, at last, for she was too preoccupied in her imaginary flute (or something else) to notice anything else. "Oh...Uhh...Melody." She answered.

"What are you doing way out here?" I asked again, locking her in the eyes, hoping for a similar event like before, with Pandora.

"Practicing. One must never stop it. I thought nature would help inspire a song..." She said, turning her head away.

Bingo. I penetrated the secrets, and found the truth within...She had locked eyes for two seconds, and that was two more than needed, obviously.

...She was of no harm to me. She did lie, but she had no harmful will within her. She wouldn't stop me, but she was capable of it. I'll not go into her full life history, personally-You learn EVERYTHING from this trick. I can say she was not now nor ever a Volteer, and I can say that her reasons weren't that of her mentioned ones.

"Good luck striking inspiration, then." I said with a smile, before walking off, back to Karazin and company, which took little effort.

"Avalon, what was that music? That had siren-like qualities about it, now that I think about it." Karazin said, upon returning.

"Keep your guard up. I've got a feeling that things are going to go to all hell." I responded.
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