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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Celty and Shinra (And NPC company)
Between the school and dorms

"Another school year, eh? I'm getting so tired of this." A rather tall blond boy sighed, adjusting his sunglasses. It was a miracle he could talk clearly with that dum-dum in his mouth, but Celty had always thought that about Shizuo. Odd quirks for an abnormal guy, one who pretty much considered himself her bodyguard...the third of three, and the only human of the bunch. She held back a laugh, but couldn't fight the smile that pulled at the corner of her lips as she moved to hug Shinra, as she had just joined the two.

"What's that look for, Celty? That's you're 'I-think-something's-funny' smile." Shinra, of course, noticed the smile immediately for what it was. The girl's smile widened and her body trembled slightly with her silent giggle as she produced the little phone-like device she often used to communicate. She slid it open and tapped away on the keypad for a few moments before holding it out for Shinra to read.

Just thinking something funny about Shizu-chan. I'm amazed you can understand him with that lollipop sticking outta his mouth. :) Shinra laughed at the comment as well, causing the blond to stand, making him even taller than them, as he'd been sitting on the back of a stone bench--one of many scattered in between the dorms and the school--with his feet on the actual seat, half-slouched over. With the boost of the bench, he towered over the pair, one of Shinra's arms now draped loosely over Celty's shoulder while the girl who stood a head shorter than him stood close to him, her left side barely pressing into his right. It reminded Shinra of comments he had heard all too often--"They're so cute together--just like brother and sister..." Brother and sister... Shinra had to admit that that was how it had been when they were little, but now he wished it could be more and Celty was totally oblivious to it, it seemed.

"Hey, what's so funny?" Shizuo demanded and Shinra jumped to the rescue.

"Celty thinks it's funny how you can talk with that lollipop in your mouth, Shizu-chan." He said with one of those big, cheesy grins. Celty sighed and hung her head, if it had been an anime, she would have sweatdropped. Shizuo's face was suddenly filled with anger as Celty pulled her phone back and proceeded to tap away again.

"I really, really hate that nickname. One of these days I'll find out who it is that started it and pummel 'im." He commented in spite of Cetly's disapproving frown as she continued to tap. A moment later and the device was held out again, this time to the angry blond, who had to crouch down on his perch to read it.

But it makes you sound all cute and cuddly and nice, Shizu-chan. Besides, violence is bad!

Anyway, what's getting to be so boring? It's a new year, time to meet new people and have new adventures!
That brought out a grin from him, but then again, Celty rarely made people frown, there was just one of those cheerful, friendly auras to her. Her optimism was nearly a tangible thing, and it was hard to ruin that kind of pure outlook on things.

"Mind if I see what's got Shizuo grinning like an infatuated Ursaring?" Shinra asked, and Celty handed him the device as said young man grinning like an infatuated Ursaring reached out and gently planted a long-fingered hand in Celty's messily cut brown hair to give it a gentle ruffle.

"Heh, love your optimism, kid." He told her, earning him a bigger smile. Shinra passed the device back and nodded.

"Yeah, time to meet new people and have new adventures! ...In other words, for Shizu-chan here, he's gonna find more people to throw trash cans at and invent new ways to get outta trouble for doing it." The obviously nerdy young man teased good-naturedly. Before Shizuo could hit him for the remark, however, the device was shoved in between them rather forcefully, gripped tightly in Celty's hand.

Hey, let's go see the new students and maybe find some new friends now! Shinra had about a half-second to read the message before Celty yanked it back, typed out something else, and practically shoved it in Shizuo's face. Seeya later, Shizu-chan! <3 The blond had about the same about of time before she snatched in back, shoved the device in her pants pocket and ducked from under Shinra's arm, grabbing it before it could fall and literally dragging him away, towards the path leading to Chilly Beach.

She ran until Shizuo was out of sight, only slowing down when they were much closer to the beach, out of breath. Quickly, she pulled out the device once more and tapped away before offering it to him. Why do you have to tease him like that, Shinra? You know Shizu-chan flys off the handle really easy. Yeah, you're used to it, but I don't want you to get hurt... The comment stunned him, and he sighed.

"Because I can. you'd think he'd learn to take a joke better." He remarked, earning him a light shove from Celty.

'You think you'd learn not to make those kind of jokes.' She mouthed in annoyance before looking down the path and gesturing for him to start moving. Suddenly she grabbed her means of communication from Shinra and typed again for a moment. I really worry about you sometimes. I have no idea how you plan to live on your own when you graduate and get a job. You can be so airheaded sometimes...makes me wonder if I'm going to have to stay with you to protect you from yourself. This message floored him more than the last, and he wondered if she would say anything further as he handed it back to her, but no other typed messages came as they walked along, and he stayed quiet, in fear of what he just might say and regret later if he opened his mouth.

The ability to reply was lost in moments anyway, as they reached the beach to find two veteran students Celty recognized faintly were talking to a crowd of newcomers.

Between the school and dorms

I hate this place. Hate these people. Hate everything here. It's all so fake... She could have been a speck of dust on the wind, the way she nearly floated to the dorm building, a slight, somewhat druken-looking sway to her elegant movements. A thick mass of mahogany curls hid her face unless you were looking at her straight on, and even then, she was thouroughly inspectly the walkway beneath her army green high-top shoes. It could be said Michelle Toya was like a ghost, almost dead silent as she walked, not bothering to look at the same scenery, the few people she passed, ignored the occasional squeals of "Miki!!!" as the preps tried to gain her attention only for them to ignore her the moment she was under thier arm. No, she didn't feel like faking it today. She was tired and miserable and she just wanted to go back home to Hiro and Takeshi and the others that actually cared about her. Michelle really didn't want to be here where she was just a thing to be used and then tossed aside or ignored like that pet you had to have, but then realized you didn't really like. She was tired of that, she was tired of people. The same people, always doing the same crap to her, always treating her like a thing rather than a girl who had feelings and problems just like they did.

Her Gardevoir floated behind her, watching silently, lips pressed in a thin frown at her trainer's thoughts. She really wanted to comfort her, but it was beyond anything Cam could do. She'd speant years trying to help, and it only got worse as the years went by. Michelle had followed in her brother's footsteps for years, and now that he was she was left unable to make friends because she simply didn't know how. Hiro hadn't taught her that, he had taught her manners and kindness and how to behave at parties and table etiquette, but he had always introduced her to his friends and they became her friends. Without him to introduce her to friends, Michelle was lost. It made Cam sad, it really did, she had been such a confident, outgoing kid when her brother was around...but now her life had been taking over by uncaring people she couldn't seem to break away from...well she was going to do it this year. She was going to just cut herself off from them all. No one really cared anyway, not here. At least, as far as Michelle knew.

Lost in her thoughts, Michelle proceeded blindly forward, towards the safety of her dorm room, speaking to no one, even when people called out to her in too-cheerful voices as though they didn't notice how she weaved her way along, head down, hair blocking out the rest of the world, and the sidewalk blocking out what her hair did not.

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