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Default [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]


Realix Academy, one of the best Pokemon Schools in the world. It is high ranked out of the many Pokemon Schools. It is on an big island far off the coast of Sinnoh's Battle Frontier. In the center of the island is the school. This school is designed to look like a castle, it has five towers that are very tall. Each tower has stairs from the main building. It is a white castle, to symbolize purity and good heart. Many of the best trainers come from the Realix Academy. They have the best professors of the whole Pokemon World. In the Academy there are three types of course plans: for trainers, coordinators, and breeders. Depending on which you are, will decide your classes. There are five basic courses each student will take no matter what, but one special course for their specific trainer career.

Now behind the school are two three story buildings. The red building are the girls dorms and the blue building the boys dorms. Each one has 300 rooms. You live in one of these dorms. Now farther South of the school is the Overgrown Forest. It is a large forest that contains many Pokemon. Professors will often take their classes out here for a lesson.
Farther South of the Forest is Windy Valley. This is as far South as you can go. The wind seems to be always blowing delightfully here on weekends. Now if you go as far East as possible from the school there is Starstruck Mountain. It is forbidden for students to go here because some dangerous Pokemon live there. Now if you go West of the school you will come to the Dry Plains. For some reason it is hotter over here than on any other part of the island and the grass is much taller. Many Pokemon roam here too. Now if you continue going West you will reach the Ancient Temple. It has been here for thousands of years. It is forbidden to go there because some dangerous Pokemon live there and the temple is unstable. Now if you go North from the School you will find Chilly Beach. This a big beach which always seems to be cold. This is where new students will arrive by boat.

Your Role: You are either a new student or continued student. You want to strive to be the number one student of all of Realix. But strange things have been happening all around the school. Students will disappear and then reappear in a deep sleep that they cannot be awakened from. And some strange people in black robes have been seen roaming the school grounds after hours. And strange Pokemon have also been seen around the school grounds when everyone else is asleep. What could be going on? You choose to either get to the bottom of this strangeness or not.

Pokemon Basic Battling (All Students Required)
Pokemon Basic Study (All Students Required)
Pokemon Evolution Study (All Students Required)
Pokemon Emergency Assistance Class (All Students Required)
Pokemon Care Class (All Students Required)
Pokemon Strategy Battles (Trainers Course only)
Pokemon Appeal and Battles (Coordinator Course only)
Pokemon Breeding 101 (Breeders Course only)

Your schedule will consist of all five classes in order as above but your last/sixth class will be whatever type of trainer you are. So at the end of the day trainers will have the specific trainers only class, as the same with coordinators and breeders.

Teachers: (are NPC)
Mr. Higgens is the Basic Battling Teacher. He is a very strict and old fashioned teacher.
Ms.Stranson is the Basic Study Teacher. She is a young and enthusastic teacher.
Mr.Tyzone is the Evolution Study Teacher. He is a clumsy and humorous teacher.
Ms.Ratzfield is the Emergency Assitance Class teacher. She is a very up tight and down right cruel teacher.
Mrs.Merryweather is the Care Class Teacher. She is a good hearted and kind teacher.
Mr.Tempest is the Stragety Battles Teacher. He is a hard-working and tough teacher.
Ms.Frazzle is the Appeal and Battles Teacher. She is an arrogant and sarcastic teacher.
Mr.Phen is the Breeding 101 Teacher. He is the laid back and relaxed teacher.

Head Master Lance: The top dog of the school

School Rules:
1.) All Students are to be on School Grounds at 9 PM. Lights out at 10 PM.
2.) Any misuse or abuse of Pokemon will lead to expulsion.
3.) Forbidden Areas are off limits.
4.) No godmodding, flaming, or bunnying.
5.) All PE2K rules apply.
6.) Students are off on the weekends but must be in bed at normal hours.
7.) Only three characters max.
8.) You must be dedicated to this RP.
9.) Have fun!!! :D

Justin Metrix, Lyla Emony, and Perry Roberts
Chilly Beach

The sun was barely beginning to rise up in the sky, making the crystal blue ocean gleam like many diamonds under the sun. Justin stood on the pale white sand as a brisk breeze flowed through the air. Chilly Beach was where he stood, it was North of the Academy. He was admiring the beauty of the ocean and the beach. Nature is so delicate and beautiful yet it is what makes life meaningful. What power it holds. Justin sighed as he looked back to the stone path that lead from the beach to the school. It wasn't too long of a walk, only about 15 minutes to get to the school from here. Where is Lyla? The new students are gonna be here soon. She and I chose to come greet the new comers and help them adjust to the school life. But of course that foolish girl is nowhere to be found. She is always so tardy, it's just her nature. How can such a mess of a person be my best friend? I guess destiny works in a strange way. Even though she is a bumbling buffoon, she is my best friend. Justin then crossed his arms and looked back to the sea and there was something approaching the shore from a distance. There was the boat that brings the new students and Lyla is nowhere to be found.

Justin then looked back as heard rapid foot steps coming towards the beach. There was Lyla out of breath and late as usual. "Justin! I'm here! Sorry I'm late but I slept in , then I couldn't find my stuff , then I fell down the stairs, so you know my usual mess to start off the day," Lyla explained as she stopped right in front of Justin. She took a moment to catch her breath. Justin then pointed to the boat that was about to arrive. Lya looked to the approaching boat,"There's the boat where the new students are, I guess I got here just in time, eh?" Lyla sighed in relief. Justin shook his head in disappointment. The boat slowly came to a stop at the beach's dock. The ship then let down a small bridge-like piece of wood that connected to the dock and about 95 new students rushed off and onto the beach. One of them was a very excited blonde boy named Perry.

The crowd of new students gathered in front of Justin and Lyla. "Hello new students. Welcome to Realix Island, the location of the very esteemed Realix Academy. I am Lyla and my friend next to me is Justin. We are here to help you with your first day here at the academy. Today is officially the first day of the new school semester. Classes start at at 7 a.m, we will lead you to your dorm house and then help you get to your dorm room if you need it. In a half an hour an announcement will be made by the Head Master for you to go to your first class. If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the veteran students," Lyla explained politely.

Perry then rushed through the crowd bumping and pushing kids out of the way as he made it to the front. He was now in front of Lyla and Justin. "Your explanation was boring, spice it up a little bit! We all came here to have fun with our pokemon! Not to hear some stuffy teenage girl talk about the formal junk," Perry stated boldly.

Lyla glared at Perry,"I am not stuffy, I was just getting the rules and regulation stuff out of the way. And who are you to be criticising me you little brat!?" Lyla exclaimed angrily at Perry.

"I am Perry, and that's all you need to know. Now take us to the school now, I bet we are all tired of hearing you talk. So hurry it up here, chop chop! I can't wait any longer! The excitiment is killing me!" Perry shouted in excitement and most of the other students cheered.

"Hey, don't you shout at me! I will be addressed with respect, you pipsqueak. I voluntarily chose to come help you new students to make you feel welcome, but thanks to Perry the parasite it's all ruined!" Lyla angrily stated.

Perry and Lyla continued bickering back and forth while Justin just stood there and watched. I can already tell that those two will be doing this often. Oh Lyla, your petty temper is your downfall this time. Why can't those two just behave? Justin sighed and just ignored the two as they continued arguing. "While those two continue their little discussion, does anyone have any questions they want answered?" Justin asked the group of new students.

(OOC: New Students start off at the beach and veterans can either be at the dorm buildings or anywhere on school campus. Sorry if there are any errors. My internet was being stupid so it took 3 times to post this up. -_-)
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