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Default Re: How does one formulate an idea for a story?

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Come on everyone. Be nice.

Well, what I meant to say (I think we can all agree that I'm terrible at explaining things) is that ideas used in a certain way can be cliche, but that a lot of these so-called cliche things are too vague to be considered cliche right from the start.

This actually made me laugh because I imagined a certain character of mine saying that... XD

Anyway, to bring this back on topic, there are a lot of different ways you can get ideas for stories. I don't really follow any set pattern; sometimes I start my idea with something vague, other times it's a detail that I start building ideas around. I think it helps to think of certain places or situations and think "How could I make a story out of this?/Add something like this to my story?" You may not always get ideas you want to keep, but I find myself thinking about that whenever I think about some nature picture/TV show/music/dreams/random thought I just had/whatever. And then add characters. Or start off with character ideas. Maybe try several different ways to brainstorm and see what works best.

And Max, don't give up on trying to be helpful. There are a lot of other things you can help people with in their writing. If you aren't sure how/what to write a guide on yet, you can keep reviewing stories and giving people advice that way. Even that does a lot of good.
Erk. Don't say that. You perfectly explained it. I just built on it more.

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post

That said, I was not splitting hairs with you. The comment was meant to be an irrelevant joke, as indicated by the smiley. I know nothing as to whether Jung's theories on writing were accurate or not.
I am totally going to say something that I was TOTALLY hoping you'd set me up for. I reject your reality and substitute it with my own. xD

(JK or xD or ;) mean you are joking. =) can mean a variety of things)

Plus, you tell me where you see a smiley in this.

Carl Jung was kook, fyi. I don't put that much stock in someone who once reported a dream in which God took a humongous dump on a church (literally) and then saw enormous spiritual significance in it.
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