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Default Re: Zekrom's Sprite Shop! (looking for workers)

For zekrom762000:
Base: Accelgor
1st Pokemon: Meganium
2nd Pokemon: Scizor
3rd Pokemon: Milotic (optional)
Recolor as: Blastoise
Other: -

For Puppet:
Pokemon: Cofagrigus (1st), Banette (2nd), Spiritomb (3rd)
Place (1st, 2nd, 3rd): above^

Pokemon: Cloyster

Black and White
Pokemon: Drapion
Other: what?

Battle Scene
Back sprite pokemon: Scolipede
Front sprite pokemon: Cofagrigus
Levels: Scolipede Lv. 45, Cofagrigus Lv. 48
Backround: Tall Grass
Names: What name? Nickname? Nope.
Other: Scolipede use Toxic.

For SammytheKidney:
Pokemon: Banette
Type: Poison
Other: -

Pokemon: Rhyperior
Other: -

Pokemon: Scolipede
Other: -

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