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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Very well ^^ You really should give yourself more credit--you're skill at writing is fantastic! PoD is definitely one of the best fan-fictions I've ever read :D
Really? Wow, thanks!

Hmm, budget cuts, maybe... But yeah, good thing it's not that common ;^;
Possibly, and the fact that the people in charge of the sanctuary simply don't care.

Hmm, true :o . I always saw him as a bit of a loner--a friendly loner--but, I guess I never really though about him that much that way :o I can definitely see now, though, how he really does look out for everyone. ^^ Oh, golly, I'm loving him all the more now x3

(Oh, Snowcrystal is definitely my favorite, because she's such a sweety. She's so kind, and always worrying about her friends (and enemies)--and even through all the things she's been through, she's still dedicated to her goals. Very admirable. ^^ After her would be... well, now it's Nightshade xD Then, Stormblade and Redclaw :>)

Hahaha, that part actually always creeped me out in the books, too, but that's cuz I always get so tense (I don't want them to get caught!) xD No doubt this next part in your story is going to make me squirm, but I'll love it! xD
Oh, he was definitely a loner before he joined up with the group and decided to help them, but he quickly became someone a lot of them looked up to, and he was constantly trying to help Thunder and such. ^^

(I love hearing your thoughts about the characters! I'm always curious as to why certain characters are people's favorites.)

Haha, I see what you mean. I love suspense like that, though. XD Well, there's no sneaking around anywhere in the next chapter; it's mostly a character development/buildup thing (stupid chapters turning out too long...). The plot picks up in Chapter 54.

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