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Default Re: How does one formulate an idea for a story?

Originally Posted by Gelatini Jejunator View Post
Just curious to know how the creative process actually begins. I've wanted to write a half-decent fanfic for a while now but I really suck at plot. I'll have a vague idea of what I want it to be about, but after that it just crumbles. How do the rest of you do it? How do you figure out what events you wish to occur and how to deliver them?
... Well, I have no idea what's been going on around here, but... I"m gonna bring it back to the main topic. xD

When it comes to writing fan-fictions, I always look for connections in the fandom I'm targeting. I really like seeing how things fit together--or could fit together, if separate before. My creative process usually begins with research, digging up what is known in the fandom and seeing how it works. Later, I move into the brainstorming phase, which irritatingly enough always happens just before bed (and usually it keeps me up all night xD). I just try to figure out how I can "tweak" things and retell it in a way that's engaging/exciting. My old fan-fic, Lunar Destinies, came as a result of playing PMD2--the Darkrai episode--and thinking about all the Legendary Trio Pokemon, and seeing how they could connect. My newer fan-fic, Kingdom 2 Come, came from connecting all of the old legends of Unova, and following Giratina's WAR Prompt on Roots. ^^

From there, it's all a matter of writing and editing xD

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