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Default Re: How does one formulate an idea for a story?

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
And? You have no argument.

Why are you splitting hairs with me? You have no point.
Do I have to explain this? In an empirical science, it is possible to objectively evaluate any claim, no matter how insane, and determine its correctness (usually through experimentation). Thus while a person's insanity may influence your decision to evaluate a certain claim, it should have no impact on the evaluation of the claim itself. In a non-empirical science, truly objective evaluation is not possible. The vast majority of Jung's and Freud's theories are possible to test via experimentation. Since their theories cannot be said to be valid based on the merits of the theories themselves, it is useful to look to the theory's creator themselves to help gather information on the theory's validity.

In layman's terms, Newton's equations can be tested. It doesn't matter if he's crazy. Freud's theories cannot be tested. It matters if he's crazy.

That said, I was not splitting hairs with you. The comment was meant to be an irrelevant joke, as indicated by the smiley. I know nothing as to whether Jung's theories on writing were accurate or not.

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