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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

OOC; Yo BB. Answer my last question about Pokemon gender~

The look on Leo's face when the man described his plan of attack was priceless. It was a twisted combination of pure confusion and skepticism. A bushy eyebrow was raised in an odd arch, one so high it was almost covered by his shaggy blonde hair. The plan was ludicrous, really – but knowing the other man as long as he did, the plan actually had some merit to it. Perhaps it was possible to use the willowing grass as restraint breakers. It was certainly… creative.

Just as quickly as the scientist had described the attack, the majestic bird narrowed her coal colored eyes. The intensity flared behind the constricted pupils, her mind elevating to new levels. The psychic power it takes to move anything small is vast. The power it takes to move anything larger than a pencil is exponential. Pokemon were truly impressive beings, if one cared to look deep enough into it.

It was Seq’s initiative to study Pokemon, to focus on their potential and limitations. He documented each creature individually, painstakingly recording each minute detail into his logs as scientific fact. Though he owned very few Pokemon with Psychic moves, he often found them the most interesting. Rebecca, for example, was quite brilliant, despite her childish demeanor. She could perform moves of the highest demand without batting an eyelid. Her mental prowess was top tier, without question.

In the end, it surprised the odd man when he learned that Erutis could be taught Psychic. She didn’t seem the type to utilize the power of the unknown. But, leave it to the joyful bird to be different and make an excellent special attacker, rather than physical (as most other birds were.) She trained endlessly to perfect the powers of the mind, having Rebecca escort her for training sessions. She was going to be the best, determined to impress her master.

Not long after that, she began to hone all the special attacks she had in her arsenal. It began with Flamethrower. Beginning as small wisps, it soon grew into a massive inferno that even Lana Skye, the resident Blaziken would marvel at. Following that was Grass Knot, in which Erutis felt she had to get in touch with nature. She and Lonnie (a timid Jumpluff) wandered off into the woods for several days. When the duo returned, they were covered in varied cuts and bruises, but seemed no worse for wear. The Togekiss had a proud smile plastered on her feathered face, which was enough to tell the scientist that his Pokemon succeeded in its goal.

This time was no different. With the sharp pain of the wicked vines digging into her shoulders, the bird of happiness but all her focus into calling her powers forth. She glowed a magnificent purple. The aura waxed and waned in luminosity, before securing a medium. Her eyes lit up with intensity as she focused on the grass surrounding all sides of her. It wiggled, as if a breeze had kissed it. Then, as if a hurricane ripped through the area, the grass started swaying, contorting in different ways, sharp angles, shapes never seen before by any pair of eyes. The strands braided, looping under one another. They formed gnarled hands that ripped apart the hideous vines that restricted the majestic bird to the ground.

“Kissu!” she cried, flying into the skies. The cool wind that rushed through her wings was invigorating. It was like a new found sense of freedom, of glory and accomplishment had all been rolled into one giant ball of emotions! It was exhilarating to be free; soaring among the clear skies once again. She faltered a bit, as the Solar Beam clipped her lovely wings, but it was not much of a problem to the tank-like bird.

“Wish, Erutis, my dear,” Seq called, placing his hands over his mouth like a megaphone. He had to make sure she had heard him and to remind her to cast a healing Wish. Wish was, undoubtedly, her favorite move of all.

Wish was produced similar to a Patronus Charm in Harry Potter, if one was familiar to the series. Summoning the happiest memory that a Pokemon possesses, it converts the energy summoned into pure kindness and love. That in itself, translates into healing powder which covers the Pokemon and any ally it might have if it were to faint. Really, it was a spectacular move and those who witnessed it were usually dazzled.

“Vaporeon,” Julie commented, looking into the skies with longing. She always wanted to be a Flying Eeveelution, but there were not any of those to be found. Of course, she was content being a Vaporeon. The water was calm, soothing. Rubbing against the rocks on the floor of the river bend and nuzzling in the seaweed did make her happy, but she was also bulky and thick with blubber for the colder temperatures. She would never be able to fly in the skies, and perhaps, that would be her wish.

Seq took a gander at the foe, which was doing nothing but standing idly by. He couldn’t quite figure out the Roserade’s plan… that is, if it had one. Maybe it was just lazy. Who knows? Personally, he thought it was vain – flowers glorifying its ego. Perhaps it didn’t want to ruffle its greenery.

“Erutis, the battle’s almost done, I’d hope! I want you to try and lower the enemy’s health as best you can, but don’t KO! You know that,” he chuckled. “You’re a gentle mon after all.”

She cooed in praise.

“Use your position to your advantage. Send an Aura Sphere at the Roserade’s legs. While it’s distracted, rush it with your amazing Extreme Speed. You can do it!” he cheered.

Togekiss smiled with satisfaction, happy she could please her master. Leaning back, her hind pelt absorbing the sun, she began to form an Aura Sphere. The Psychic energy she used to perform special attacks was beginning to glow once again. It swelled in front of her chest in a murky brown color; the color of a mahogany desk. It was now or never.
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