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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ - Episode Three: Magikarp. Guest: Shen!

Originally Posted by XaiakuX View Post

@ Phibb: If you wanna be a part of the main team, you'll have to audition by simply being on the podcast. Our original goal was to give everyone a shot, then decide the team. But as we could only have one person a week, the patience of the newcomers were tested, and most of them left without ever coming back. So they didn't get to be on the podcast.

So I'll give you an opening for this weekend if your free. Since you live in the states, It'll be fairly early for you. Where do you live, state wise?
I live in Colorado, so it's GMT -6. How would I audition? I'm an actor at my high school, should I read a monologue? xD
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