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Default Re: True Gamer Society˛ - The Return of the Beast

Originally Posted by karmachameleon View Post
Really underrated game right there. It's definitely the best Sonic game since the days of the Dreamcast, and might even objectively be the best game in the franchise since the mid-nineties (although, in my eyes, I don't think it will ever surpass Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, which I have an undying love for and consider to be one of the most beautiful games ever made).

I got a chance to play the 3DS version of Generations, and it actually didn't disappoint. One of the better uses of the 3D I've seen, felt quite exhilarating.

Give me a high five. NOW.

Can you believe it? My tenth anniversary, and no one pays any attention in Generations.

Shadow needs a hug. What? No! *Glomps* GET IT OFF! DX

Asides from the randomness, yes, Grassy agrees with you. She still owns the game, along with Sonic Advance 1, Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Unleashed (360), Sonic Colors (Wii), and Shadow the Hedgehog. She feels most of these games are underrated.
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