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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

YES!!! A new chapter! :D And what a fantastical one! ^^

You really freaked me out in the beginning, however, with that Pokemon Sanctuary. I thought that it would have some really disturbing secret--like a game sanctuary where the Pokemon are hunted like deer or slaughtered or something--but phew! ...Though, I guess in some ways, it was a slaughter ground for those Heracross :< But I really like how you wrote this chapter--it definately shows the contrast between Nighshade's character, and Cyclone's character. This makes Nightshade all the more admirable--since he went through such a traumatizing event, but still came out as an inspiring character.

But his backstory also showed something else really interesting, and I liked how it was portrayed. I understand the whole "finding balance" deal with the sanctuary *is a Biology major*, but here it really struck me how doing something that seemed like a good idea can still have negative effect. Things can get messy when we--humans--meddle with nature. I don't know if I agreed with the method they used, though... I think they could have had Trainers come in and catch them, like Nightshade suggested, but I guess that would be hard where the city folk want "pedigree perfect" Pokemon. Still, I hope they don't do that anymore ;^;

But, aw.... I never thought Nightshade as a family Pokemon :> *places him higher in favorite characters*

Okay... now something unexpected is going to happen that puts a stopper in everyone's plans *sits back and waits patiently* :3 I'm excited to see how this next part plays out with the secret books! I hope they find something ^^ *also REALLY wants to know more about Forbidden Attacks* It almost reminds me of Harry Potter, when Harry had to get into the forbidden books ^^

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