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Default Re: How does one formulate an idea for a story?

I too have had problems with this sort of thing. There's really no foolproof process for it, give or take this one.

1. Make your characters
Always make your characters fit the story. Don't make the story fit the characters. Just make a few to start with, then add in a few later.

2. Make your ending
Sounds odd, but it works. Always keep your ending in mind as you write, and always have a plan to get the ending you want!

3. Make a setting
The more open-ended, the better. Myidea for mine was a home base like thing, and that allowed the story to continue indefinetly due to quests and such. When you feel like advancing the story a lot, kick the characters out.

4. Just write!
Write detailed paragraphs and sentences, you want it to be the best it can. Want something to happen in the story? Just do it, but have a good reason. I call it a "Plot Wall" when you've ran out of characters to explain or say/do something to advance the story without making sense. Always have your story make sense. Do this by adding in enough characters for them to have pasts and things they want to do.

You could follow that, or just ask for help. I would bre really happy to help a fellow writer if you need help with plot walls or holes, just VM or PM me if you want. I'm sure other writers would help you to. Everyone has thier own process; mine may not work for you.

Have a nice day, and ciao!

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