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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ - Episode Three: Magikarp. Guest: Shen!

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Oh my goodness, Caleb. It was a joke. Did you not see the post above yours. xD

To be clear:


I know, you silly girl. But all the same, I posted it anyways. xD

@Gem: We have a team of 3. Xanthe is on Hiatus for school, Mike is doing god knows what, and I'm generally off being Caleb on the weekends. Which means I generally have free time. We would need a person with NO LIFE whatsoever to run it if that were the case. No Job, No School, No Friends.

We can't make the team TOO huge to add several people, thus it would get too crowded in the recording. The only logical thing to do in a situation like that is rotate the cast to the first 3 available, also teach every crew member how to run the call and edit the show properly. It'd be intense, difficult, and all over the place. xD

@ Phibb: If you wanna be a part of the main team, you'll have to audition by simply being on the podcast. Our original goal was to give everyone a shot, then decide the team. But as we could only have one person a week, the patience of the newcomers were tested, and most of them left without ever coming back. So they didn't get to be on the podcast.

So I'll give you an opening for this weekend if your free. Since you live in the states, It'll be fairly early for you. Where do you live, state wise?
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