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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by Lord Fedora View Post
Er... the gyms usually did match the gym theme, or else the theme of the city. Anyway, "The Hills Have Eyes" doesn't really translate to "random arena transition." And why are all these weird transitions happening behind a barn anyway?
Alright so I can change the arena. It was just a weird idea.

Originally Posted by Dino View Post

It's a good idea.
But it seems to stray from the idea some.
The arena doesn't seem to fit well with your idea (as said already).
Also some of your pokemon don't seem to fit either.
Primape - What does a monkey have to do with a farm?
Blaziken - I understand it's previous evolutions were chicken like, but it really isn't a farm animal anymore, and doesn't contribute to anything on a farm anyway.
Ampharos - Same as above. It's evolutions could contribute wool and be farm animals. But now, it doesn't prove to much use of a farm.
These all would be pokemon that would befriended the farmer and become his friends, and not really fit into a farm theme.

I don't know if I'm over thinking the pokemon some, but I just think that it needs some tweaking, either of the theme or of everything other an that.

Those are my very cluttered and confusing thoughts on the matter. xD
Ampharos i can understand how you see it but Blaziken clearly has physical chicken characteristics and Primeape is a also part pig since he is classified as a "Pig Monkey".

Sorry Paperfairy, I didn't see you post. It was on the next page. Ill do that though.

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