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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OoC: Eternal Moonlight gave me permission to bunny Lani.

IC: “Please don’t tell anyone.” After looking at the floor for a few moments, Caroline looked back up to Kiseki, who looked back at her with question. “Ashley doesn’t know about this but if she did then she would go after Joey, which could risk her getting hurt. It could be our little secret.” She gave the Vampire a warm smile, which he managed to return a few moments later.

“If that’s what you want.” He paused for a moment, thinking back to the restaurant and the girl Caroline had been talking to. “Ashley is the girl from the Captain’s Inn, right? The one you were talking to when Ichiru and I came in.” He finally sat down on the bed, looking at Caroline as he spoke again. “Is she a Supernatural Creature too?”

“I’m sure there’s more to know about you. You have that mysterious vibe to you.” Back on Lunar Island, Ichiru looked over to Ashley as she spoke, seeing the Mermaid looking out toward the ocean with a smile on her face. “I have memories from when I was thirteen or fourteen, but now that you’re here they don’t feel right.” The smile disappeared as she looked over to Ichiru. “I got pregnant with Abigail during that time period in my life, the father being a boy named Jesse Thomas. I remember him dying from a Demon attack not too long after Abby was born; my memories don’t have you in them. Now I’m getting these random visions of us being together; I don’t know how to even explain them. With these weird memories or visions coming now, I don’t even know if Jesse was ever real. Everything is just so confusing right now…”

Ichiru’s expression shifted to one of shock as Ashley looked back to the ocean. The girl he’d seen earlier came to mind once again, along with the train of thought he had been following unknowingly earlier. All of the missing pieces seemed to lead to it, but that couldn’t possibly be it.

“There’s something I wanna show you.” Ichiru snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at Ashley as she stood up. “I wanna show you the place where I had a memory of us and see if it happens to you too.” The brunette then turned around toward the thick forest behind them, bringing Ichiru to rise to his feet and follow her. “Stay close to me because it’s easy to get lost.” He heard he say as he caught up, making sure not to let the brunette out of his sight as he followed her through the forest for what seemed to be around fifteen minutes. Finally, they arrived at a cave which led to what Ichiru assumed was the ‘moon pool’, that he’d read about when he had looked through information concerning the island. Somehow this place seemed so familiar…

“Maybe you’ll recognize this place.” Ashley said, as she lead him into a room-like place which contained the moon pool, the walls made out of rock. He stopped near the entrance, the strange déjà vu he got from the place taking him off guard as he watched Ashley walk over to where something was engraved on the stone wall; ‘I.K + A.G Forever’ with a heart surrounding it. The writing looked just like Ichiru’s…

“Touch the initials and see if you have a memory or anything. I had one when I brushed it with just my fingertips.” Ashley said, as she stepped back away from the wall, bringing Ichiru to finally walk over to the initials, slowly bringing his hand up to the wall to touch the letters. Instantly, a memory flooded his mind, where he and a younger Ashley stood in that very cave. He saw himself carving the initials into the wall with his father’s pocket knife while Ashley stood at his side.

“Do you think you’ll get into trouble by your dad for stealing his pocket knife?” The young brunette asked as the dark haired teen continued carving.

“I probably will but oh well.” Ichiru answered, continuing with what he was doing until he was finished, putting the knife back and looking at Ashley to give her a warm smile. . “Our initials are finished.”

“Do you really think we’ll be together forever? We’re so young…” Ashley looked at the ground, the sadness easily showing in her expression. The demon gently backed her into the stone wall, looking down at her as he laced his fingers with hers.

“I love you Ashley, so so much. I know that we’re young, but this is real. I’ve never met anyone like you before, and there’s no one else who I could imagine being with besides you.” He told her as he placed a hand on her cheek.

“Do you really mean that?” Ashley asked, bringing the dark haired teen to close the space between them as he leaned in to connect his lips with hers in a soft kiss which slowly began to deepen as the moments passed. However, after a few moments, the two broke the kiss, and Ichiru looked at Ashley.

“I’d rather die than lose you.”

Ichiru took his hand away from the wall as he came back to reality, not knowing that there was actually more to the vision than what he had seen. He looked at the initials again, reaching into his jacket to pull out a pocket knife - the very same one he had just seen himself with in the vision. He stared at the knife, shifting his attention back to Ashley then. For once, his expression clearly showed how he was feeling - shocked and confused. He then held up the knife where Ashley could see it as he turned to face her.

“Does…Does this look familiar to you?”

Back in Homestead Kotomi gave a frustrated sigh as she backtracked to the Captain’s Inn where she had left Kiseki. Now that she thought about it, Kiseki could have easily used his power to find out where the culprit had gone - or at least who it was if he had been able to touch the body even for a second. But apparently that idea hadn’t occurred to the Vampire either; he had seemed really concerned about the blonde haired girl he had come outside with. Was she his girlfriend or something?

The dark haired teen looked up to see that the area was basically cleaned out now; the ambulance had taken the body away and the policemen had already cleared out, along with the bystanders. She noticed the other blonde haired girl and boy still near the scene, although Kiseki was now missing. She didn’t see him or the girl he had been with before inside the restaurant anywhere, which made her scowl slightly. She’d already lost him…and there was no telling where the heck Ichiru was. With a soft sigh, she walked over to where Nalani and Kai stood after finally putting away her katana.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but did either of you see which way my brother went? He was standing right here earlier; a dark haired boy in a red hoodie.” The blonde turned to look at her, seeming to think for a moment before giving a shake of her head.

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t think saw.”

“He left the restaurant a few minutes ago, but I didn’t see which way he went.” Kotomi’s gaze shifted to Kai as he spoke after his sister, her expression faltering for a few moments before she pulled it back into a smile.

“That’s okay, thanks anyway.” She responded, although before she could say anything else a scream suddenly pierced the air, bringing her to whirl around instinctively.

“W-What was that?” Nalani spoke the question that crossed Kotomi’s mind as the dark haired girl scanned the streets for anything. It didn’t seem as though the scream had come from the street.

“It sounded like it came from that abandoned building down the street.” She glanced back at the two while pulling her katana back out, although the blade remained hidden inside of the handle for now. With that, the trio started down the street in the direction of the building. Kotomi opened the door without looking first, instantly regretting the decision as she stepped inside with Kai and Nalani right behind her, seeing that three figures stood across the room; two males and a female. However, when the female - who had obviously been the one that screamed - turned around, Kotomi could instantly see that her eyes were completely black, which brought her to scowl as the other two looked at them as well, dark smirks appearing on their faces as the door behind them slammed shut.

“Great, it was a trap…”

OoC: Sorry about the fail for Kotomi, Lani and Kai's part... Tried to give you something to do when you do post again. xD
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