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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

I was meaning +2 in each stat. ATK SPATK DEF SPDEF SPD. As far as the arena, there is no logical explanation. Only that it is unexpected, much like how horror movies portray the country as being dangerous and scary. Cabin Fever, Friday 13th, movies like these have very unbelievable characteristics taking place out in the country. Ever walked through a barn and seen the wild things farmers keep in their barns? In elementary school, we toured a farm and the two most memorable parts was that the farmer kept a baseball bat in every room of his barn and outside and that the slaughter house kept the sharpened tools hanging from the ceiling. Needless to say they only let us poke our heads in but not actually walk in. lol. Anyways, it was just a try. I can always change the arena. I guess I'm thinking from the games of how the arena never matched the gym type.