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Default Need some help with EVing

Basically came back after 2 years, bought a new DSL
Got myself Black and White

*Currently only playing Black*
i have a cheat cartridge *because it normally speeds up EVing*

Basically, ive came back, i know how to EV but aparntly through checking some places there are even faster ways then diamond *where you could easily get one ever half an hour done*

Would like some info if possible.

Secondly, aparntly there are many hidden area's in the map would like to know about them if possible + how to unluck the legendaries etr etr, i really really don't know squat about this game atm

What ive done sofar:

Beaten the game, found one of the sages near the P2 Lab

Got 7 pokemon total just to get the "beaten the game" done

Third question:

Like in diamond is there the underground digging or like in Ruby/Sapphire is there any secret hideouts?

I really loved those :-( thanks for reply i really don't know much lol

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