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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Yeah, ahah, they sure do. ;D

No worries! Okay, sure.

XXXXDDDDDDDDDDD That's so funny! xDD I didn't even realise I said that, and that it could relate to the punching in the face thing. xDDD How funny, haha. But yeah, no worries! I think it's awesome he mentioned it. :3

Haha, well that's the first thing that came to mind! That you were describing Nightshade punching Scytheclaw. XD

I really liked that you did that; it was written well and it was nice to know quickly what had been happening and such. :3 Yeah, that would be awesome to write about him after a while. Yeah, I love that! 8D They're all beginning to meld, that's a weird image. *imagines them all joining together* Anyway. xD Yeah, haha, but he's pretty impossible. xD Ahaha, I'm glad you mentioned her then! 8D I'm kinda sad TtEoaF doesn't have a group like that. Dusty only really has Zhol, and then the rest of the colony members are just kinda part of the story, not their group. xD However, I do plan to get them more involved, of course.

xDD I guess, haha. Although now I just imagine them like official-art growlithe, which is totally not what Snowcrystal looks like. xD You should. 8D True. o: She must forget she's painted sometimes and panic if she sees a trainer staring at her or something. xD Yeah, me too! 8D
I'm glad it was written well and didn't seem too quick or anything! And yeah, Nightshade hadn't been able to do anything for a while. DX And XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD at that image! And Blazefang and Scytheclaw are not part of the giant blob of characters. XD And well, your characters may not be a group, but you do have a lot of characters who can become more important and meld together into a giant blob of friendship!

Hm...yeah, I guess I can see why it's weird. XD And yeah, it definitely would take getting used to!

xDDD Ahaha, into the clouds... If you think about it, he could have flown away. xD

Glad I found it then, huh?! >8D

XDDD Quiet sweet... YOU MOCK ME?!?! I mock me too. xD
Yes, like Bathtub's face! But he never came down! NEVER.

Yes! XD

YES I DO. And myself.

Yeah, definitely! I didn't expect it at all. It explained his strange reaction to the field though. The first time they came across it, I was like, "SNOWCRYSTAL, ASK HIM WHY HE'S ACTING WEIRD!" xD Yeah, definitely. o: Yeah. It's so sad that he's the only survivor out of his family. Dx Things like that happen in real life too... D: Yeah, it is bigly excitement! But I hope I don't. I'll be so excited to write it. c:

Yeah, exactly. Dx That's so stupid... And, of course, something like taking revenge would not be a good idea, and it would be pretty pointless. He can only grieve. Dx Oh, right. o: I thought they would have thought one heracross didn't really matter, so that's why they let him go...but the story was really powerful, and about how he fought ruthlessly because he was that blinded by rage... Did you know, I can still picture the horrific image of Moonlight dead? Dx Lying in a pool of blood...his eyes towards the sky...his jaws slightly separated. >.< You wrote that so well that I still remember it clearly as day. *awkward moment when it's a foggy day xD It isn't, but it would be funny. Random conversation in asterisks* Oh, good! xD You don't think it's a "bad ting"? Probably because Snowcrystal is "quiet sweet". xDDDD But yeah... I wonder how long ago it was. o: And he's probably never told anyone about it before. Dx Poor Nightshade. No, thankfully he's more level-headed than Cyclone. And doesn't have a Forbidden Attack.
XDDDDDD That image of you screaming at Snowcrystal is funny! And yeah! I'm bigly excited to read it!

Yeah, they wouldn't stand a chance against the humans and it would probably lead to more killed. And well, he really wouldn't matter; they just assumed he was going to die. Oh you do? o: Yeah, I think that image is creepy...even if I'm the one who wrote it. D: And yes, it's not a bad ting OR a bad thing! And Snowcrystal IS quiet sweet. Well, it was many years ago..I imagine in human terms (even though I think of pokemon ages as similar XD) that he's in his late fourties/early fifties now, and he was probably around thirty when it happened. And no, he really didn't talk about it except with the other survivors, who he stayed with until they joined another heracross group. Yeah, exactly.

XDD Yeah, haha, getting from A to C is great when B's out the way! 8D Yeah, that's a good thing. Well un-plottiness is what makes plotiness so special, so bring it on. >8D I KNOW AAHHHH I GET THAT TOO. Dx Awesome! 8D Yes, definitely soon sometime, I hope!

Yep! 8D Of course I love your story. xD Yeah, same! XD You can get my AWESOME REVIEWS as soon as you post the chapter. xD Or, not as soon, but soon after! Bahaha, well you're beating me, since mine is still far behind. xD Yeah,I think that's really important that you can show two sides to a similar story. Cyclone's at one end, while Nightshade is at another! Ahaha, I agree! *points to Tooloo in my story*

c: Well that's good. xD Ahaha, well thanks! 8D And I LOVE your story! And your reviews too. c:

Yeah, but there's still one more chapter to write before I can get there...but it's not as hard as this one, luckily. I KNOW IT'S SO ANNOYING! DX I really hope so too!

Yep, exactly! Well I meant that we both have to wait for new chapters now. XD And I'm glad you think so! Yeah!

Thank you! And I love yours!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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