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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title:Ye Ol' Country Farmers Gym
Description of Gym Theme: Have you ever gone to a farm and wondered what kind of crazy stuff they have? Ever felt the creeps over what strange people like to do in the middle of the woods? What kind of spooks come with deranged country folks? Here at Ye Ol' Country Farmers Gym, you will find out! Only Pokemon used in the country or on a farm are used by the leader here.
6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme: Miltank, Blaziken, Primeape, Stoutland, Ampharos, Grumpig(Subject to change)

Single/Double/Triple? Single
How many Pokémon per side?3
Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions?no ohko moves like sheer cold and fissure(you have to earn your ohko), 3 chills per trainer
What is the Gym Arena?The arena takes place out back behind the barn. We don't want to injure any animals! The arena starts off on the plains on a hill. Once both competitors send out their first two pokemon, the arena changes to one of 17 different arenas. The ref must role a number 1-17 to determine which arena it is. At the end of every round, the ref must announce what the arena for the next round, so as to let the competitors prepare. Each arena becomes a different location which powers up certain types of pokemon. If the arena is the same type as a pokemon in battle(example, Pikachu in the electric arena) then all of Pikachus moves, electric or not, are given an extra +2 in each stat! When the arena changes from one to the other, (example, electric to water) the stats go back to normal. (Unless you have boosted your own stats.) Each arena is different and has its own hazards.

Normal-In a street, people are walking by and cars are passing by. It is possible to get hit by a car. Damage roll of 1-5.

Fire- Deep inside a volcano with the temperture blazing hot. The blazing heat is sizzling and there is a 30% chance of falling asleep(temporary fainting from the heat). Fire types won't mind the heat however.

Water- In a river with extrelemy cold, rushing, white water. There are a few rock formations to stand on for those not of water type or having any swimming ability. (Yes you can knock your opponent into the water.) Water crashes against the rocks, soaking everything around. The water is so cold that there is a 30% chance of becoming frozen!

Grass- In the open plains with grass about 4-5 feet in hieght. Great for hiding in.
Bug-Inside a bee hive, swarming with angry bees! The bees will attack at the end of a round. Damage roll of 1-3

Ghost- In the Boo House from the Mario games! In this creepy old musty house, there is not a single sound as the Pokemon battle in an enclosed room full of spiders and bats. During battle, during each action, there is a 30% chance of a Boo scaring the opponent before they attack. Being scared results in flinching for that action. Ghost types will not be affected by this.

Psychic-For this, we are in the middle of the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on the Star Destroyer. There is a 40% chance of Darth Vader using the Force on you. Not only does he throw you against a wall (Damage roll 1-5) there is a 30% chance of confusion!

Dark-In a room of total darkness. Any move with accuracy over 50% is reduced to 50%. Only dark types are unaffected.

Steel-Watch out! Megatron is on the loose! Battling in a city on top of a 50 story building, there is a 40% chance that Megatron will attack! When he attacks, he will crush the building, causing it to reduce a few stories, this causes each pokemon to fall. Unless you are a flying type or have levitate,...its going to hurt! Damage roll 1-4.

Rock-At the bottom of the Grand Canyon. As dry and hot as it is here, there is more to worry about. Rocks are falling from the sky! There is a 30% chance of being crushed by a rock. 1-8 for damage roll.

Fighting-In a fighting arena, surrounded by a crowd involving Nintendo characters like Mario and Kirby. Every move made must be super effective or a critcal, any other outcome and items such as coke cans, popcorn, Mario's fireball, etc are thrown at the pokemon. Damage roll 1-3.

Ice- At the Northpole! Its freezing ba!!s and Santa is flying overhead and his reindeer have just eaten their fill. Watch out for deer droppings falling from the sky! A roll of 1-5 is determined. A roll of 1 is hit by droppings and accuracy is reduced by 20%. (obviously stays even after the arena changes.)

Dragon-Here the two are on the docks of Angel Grove city. You must watch out as the Green Ranger and his Dragonzord is doing battle with one of Rita Repulsa's monsters! Dragonzord was always extremely slow so watch out as his missles fire as he couldn't hit anything stationary! 40% chance of being hit. Contact with a missle results in being paralyzed until the end of the following round.

Flying-High in the sky in the clouds. The clouds will hold any pokemon. Using a move such as Earthquake or any move involving pounding the ground will result in falling through the clouds. It is possibly to Vital Throw, Seismic toss or Pound your opponent through the clouds(or any other method). This results in the cloud dissipating. A rush of powerful wind rushes from the gap, sending the pokemon into the air and crashing onto another cloud. (Crashing onto a cloud from a gust of wind does not cause this effect again.) Damage roll of 1-7.

Electric-In a power plant surrounded by electrical wires falling. 30% chance of contact with a wire and causes paraylsis. Electric, Rock and Ground types won't be affected.

Ground-DEEP under ground! So far under that we are in hell! Its not so hot here, however there are tons of tremors being caused by Satan himself! Flying types and levetators can't stay airboune and are forced to land. Tremors don't cause damage but have a 20% chance of a pokemon becoming confused from the bobbing motion from the tremors.

Poison-In a sewer. Both pokemon will battle in sewage water about 2 feet high. Who knows whats in it! Steel and Poison types wont care, any other type must roll 1-10. 1 will call for the pokemon to become posioned.

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym?Come prepared.

In addition, please provide links to all battles you have participated in, past or present.

Not sure how many wins I have but I know I have only two losses!