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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ - Episode Three: Magikarp. Guest: Shen!

Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
(I know I shouldnt be talking for others but I know whos who xD)

Graceful_Suicune is Xanthe (Sorry if I spelled that incorrectly), Gem N Ems is Gemma, As already stated, Pe2kVoices is Mile, and XaiakuX is Caleb.

You will be severely punished for that.

XD Well then you won't be able to do it, haha. Well that's kinda funny, since in Australia the age is 18. xD Mind you, I'm not 18 yet, but I will be next year!

Just to tell you guys, when I am drunk, I am pretty weird.
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