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Default Re: [CONTEST] Who's That Pokemon?


Foxamivalth: Flinsect
7/10 Shading
18/20 Creativity
3/5 Neatness
8/10 Coloring
5/5 Something Secret...
41/50 Overall
It's... uhm... an interesting sprite, that's for sure. I like the looks of it, and maybe it was just your artistic interpretation, but I still don't see a bug in that! It's a good sprite, just not a bug!! /opinion

Graceful_Suicune: Clowip
10/10 Shading
19/20 Creativity
5/5 Neatness
9/10 Coloring
4/5 Something Secret...
47/50 Overall
I LOVE THIS SPRITE! It's probably one of the greatest sprites I've seen you make! It's just so gosh darn cute!! The shading is spot-on, and the colors are awesome, too!

Pichu1: Eraros
5/10 Shading
18/20 Creativity
2/5 Neatness
8/10 Coloring
3/5 Something Secret...
36/50 Overall
I understand you are new to spriting. I took that into account while scoring you. We'll start with shading. In all front-facing Pokemon sprites, the light source comes from the right side (our left). Yours comes from the left side. There is nothing wrong with that, but the colors contrast too much. It gets way too dark. I'm not trying to tear this sprite apart. It is an OK sprite. I like the tennis ball on the tail, and that it stands on its head. You just need a little bit of work on it.

1st Place: Graceful Suicune!
2nd Place: Foxamivalth!
3rd Place:Pichu1!

In case you were wondering, the sprites used were: Gligar, Chimecho, Togetic, Petilil, Ampharos, and Phione!

Week #3 up now!
VPP WFL Trainer Record

Signature made by Foxamivalth!
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