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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“No,” Kiseki responded rather quickly, bringing the blonde to look at him oddly in the moment’s pause. “It’s not a bother at all; I wouldn’t have brought you back here if it was… Besides, he knows you’re Mai, right? That mean he knows you didn’t really die so he’ll still be out there…I can’t let you go back out by yourself.” Caroline gave him a smile as he gently touched the large bruise on her ribcage, though Kiseki froze as his eyes turned a pale green.

“Kiseki?” Caroline asked after a few moments, seeing that his nose was beginning to bleed. “Are you okay?” Caroline asked in concern. A few moments later Kiseki’s eyes went back to normal as he blinked, taking her wrists in his hand after healing her ribs as he looked down.

“I saw what he did to you…or some of it.” He told her softly as he finished healing the bruises, then wiped the blood away from his nose before looking up at the blonde. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Caroline…” Caroline looked down at the floor for a few moments, thinking back to what Joey had done to her so many times, and how she never had the courage to tell anyone; not even Ashley.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” Caroline asked as she looked up at the Vampire. “Ashley doesn’t know about this but if she did then she would go after Joey, which could risk her getting hurt. It could be our little secret.” Caroline said, giving Kiseki a warm smile a few moments later.

“No, I don’t…” Back at the beach Ichiru had responded to Ashley as he slowly shook his head, though she could tell that she had startled him from her suddenly being there. “I’m just as confused by everything as you are. I actually had a flashback at the beach too, right after you kissed me. But…the weird thing is, I can’t remember anything from when I was fourteen; my memory is completely blank… All I can remember from then is being trained by my parents to be a hunter with my brother and sister.” He then looked up at Ashley as he continued. “That’s basically all my life has been; training to be a hunter after our home in Virginia was attacked by demons. I was born with my fangs and powers, but Kiseki was turned into a Vampire three years ago, and our parents wanted to kill him because they thought that he would become evil and bloodthirsty like the others, so we had to leave and go out on our own. From then on it was basically what you see now, what my entire life has consisted of; hunting.” Ichiru averted his gaze away from the brunette, bringing her to look out onto the water. “There’s really not much to know about me.”

“I’m sure there’s more to know about you. You have that mysterious vibe to you.” Ashley said as she continued to look out onto the ocean, a smile on her face. “I have memories from when I was thirteen or fourteen, but now that you’re here they don’t feel right.” The smile disappeared as she looked over to Ichiru. “I got pregnant with Abigail during that time period in my life, the father being a boy named Jesse Thomas. I remember him dying from a Demon attack not too long after Abby was born; my memories don’t have you in them. Now I’m getting these random visions of us being together; I don’t know how to even explain them. With these weird memories or visions coming now, I don’t even know if Jesse was ever real. Everything is just so confusing right now…” Ashley said as she looked back to the ocean; the vision of her and Ichiru being together at the moon pool flooded her mind again.

“There’s something I wanna show you.” Ashley said as she stood up, looking down at Ichiru. “I wanna show you the place where I had a memory of us and see if it happens to you too.” Ashley then turned around and walked back towards the thick forest. “Stay close to me because it’s easy to get lost.” Ashley then stepped inside the forest, walking in the direction of the moon pool. After around fifteen minutes of walking, Ashley came to the outside entrance of the cave, which led to the moon pool after a few more minutes of walking.

“Maybe you’ll recognize this place.” Ashley said, walking into a large rock-walled room which had the moon pool inside it. The brunette walked over to the initials engraved in the stone wall and looked at them, then back over to Ichiru. “Touch the initials and see if you have a memory or anything. I had one when I brushed it with just my fingertips.” Ashley said, taking a few steps back to give Ichiru more space.
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