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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Now, before I go any further, I will warn you now, and I will never do so again: Karazin was never exactly tuned for being social. He's asleep for preferred 20 hours a day, and when he's up and about, his speech regarding ANYTHING has a tendency to ramble on, even if it is factual. The only time this isn't the case is when he gets himself into a combat scenario, when Karazin will shut up and lend his vast knowledge to his commerades.

That, or when he's surprised.

"WHAT THE F- YOU ASSAULTED GEAR PESSE?!" Karazin screamed, barely stopping himself from saying f***.

"Yes. And as I'm currently here, alive, with a soul, I am pretty sure I lived too." I calmly replied.

Karazin himself was someone of average height and build, slightly beady blue eyes, light orange hair, and was never seen without a uniform-color vest, usually blue. He also liked wearing short jeans.

We were still in my room, awaiting Karazin's initiation. We were in great conversation about how Eon Sky got their hands on the Calypso to begin with, and then I mentioned Gear Pesse attacking. Karazin had asked what I did to escape, then I said I retaliated.

"Do you even know what that means?! Gear is by no means somebody easily upset, but direct battery and assault on the guy is a way to get yourself killed, and even if you survived, he'll be checking everything from files to records to other crud, and I see no way in hell that we're going to be evading the Onlisk much longer!"

"Keep this a secret, alright? Gear has no knowledge of who I am other than he trained with me for six months on Knight's Assent, nothing more. I wasn't from around Pesse at all, and for some reason, I thought faking amnesia was going to help save my rear. There are no files on me Gear could ever hope to access." I said.

"...Umm...What's Earth like?"

OK, I knew I was cutting it close already to say I faked amnesia around Gear (Eon Sky never asked about my life prior to meeting them), but how in hell did he know about that?

"Boring, and I liked it. Then I found myself neck deep in this bullc***, and how in hell I even got to Pesse at all is still unexplained!" I exclaimed. "I heard some good Psychic or Spatial Votleers can teleport, but teleporting interdimensionally? I can't even teleport an inch yet!"

"...Interdimensional teleporting...Usually the Onlisk takes the Volteer from the family, letting them know where he's going before he goes via ship, if it's from a non-Volteer population planet, and if it is, then there's no need...You're case is only possible either through a Paradox or a very, very powerful Psychic and Spatial Volteer..." Karazin said. "...I'm not doubting you're from Earth, and all, but there were never any Volteers born on Earth...Until now. But if Gear Pesse ever saw you, then he has a photograph of you..."

"Gear doesn't know you're part of Eon Sky...And he can't find out that easily, right?"

"Yes. The Arbiters generally obliterate planets they capture, so I'll bet the Onlisk won't be seeing a trace of our presence together anytime soon. Why?" Karazin answered.

"I'd be an idiot to assume that ID's aren't checked at that tournament, and if the Onlisk is prowling around, then I'm out. But if you took my Pokemon Toys in, then you'd be able to compete, as nobody knows you're a part of a Terrorist group." I said, having already formulated a plan.

"...I'm a little old for that." Karazin said, scratching the back of his head. "Sixteen, and all."

"Do they allow Sixteen-year olds?" I asked.

"Yes, but it still seems awkward..."

"Then there's no problem."

"Hey! Karazin! Now's the time!" Mario said, entering inside.

"Well, there's no point in waiting." I said, pushing Karazin slightly.


The initiation I showed you last time? That was hasty and rushed, mainly because Mario wanted to avoid the negative response he knew he'd get for letting a twelve-year old on board, life-saving and downright powerful or not. Karazin, being more mature-despite sleeping patterns-was much more 'qualified' to have a full initiation ceremony.

Everybody was in the cafeteria, stomach's appeased after being stuffed with food. Everyone also was ready to hear what Mario had to say, for if anything important was about, Mario did the speaking.

"Brethren of Eon Sky, I present a new member! Aside from Avalon, he is the only survivor of the Arbiter's raid on Tuaxin-In which, he presented an ability to cover himself and another, as well as easily take advantage of multiple elements regarding the mentality of any enemy! The name of our newest member is...Karazin Ziniz!"

Karazin walked to where Mario happened to be, slightly excited but slightly nervous, as a roar of approval came about. Karazin looked a little young, but Issac's approval of Karazin was far greater than Issac's opinion of my own.

"Karazin! You have heard of the calamity within the gov't, correct? You have learned of the treachery within, the abominable horror mixed with the honest men and women, trying to fight the very threat that the traitor has made, without a shadow of doubt as to it's truth?!" said Mario, sounding like he was giving Karazin an oath to take up.

"I have learned of the disastrous failure to keep the untrustworthy away from the admirable, and it cannot be tolerated!" Karazin said, putting some heart into it. All of Eon Sky roared it's approval.

"And you know, beyond a shadow of doubt, who the ultimate puppetmaster of this vile conspiracy within, to asset in the destruction of without?!"

"Yes, I do! The traitorís name is Avonu Voya!"

Even louder screams of approval resonated. I couldn't help but joining in.

"And you will join us, in our attempt to remove the plague upon our people, assisting us in whatever way you can and making whatever sacrifice necessary to achieve our ultimate goal?!"

"Avonu's actions are beyond reason, and have aided with the most inhuman of forces one could ever imagine! I would gladly lay down my life for the cause!" Karazin said, with enough vigor to insist that Mario may have told Karazin what to say.

An instant chorus of yells filled the cafeteria, with fist pumps abound and applause thundering. Karazin was now an official member of Eon Sky, and Mario was handing the egg. The type of the Pokemon within it's orb-like confines were known only to Mario and Karazin, for quite frankly, too much noise was in the room to even think that anyone else heard.

Karazin joined the exclaiming crowd, getting high-fived from all angles.

Now, for some reason, was the time for a noticeable vision.

In it, I was somewhere that looked like a city in ruins-or, better still, a city built to look like ruins. A particular building with two dragon heads, white and black, were to be seen to my right, but so were a cluster of angry guards led by an angry Storm, all wielding assault rifles.

My ability to deflect bullets was working wonderfully to do away with such a silly and ineffective offensive, and I was closing in on my destination, a kind of checkpoint, unguarded and opened to the public.

Then some kind of door, made from very hard plastic, shot down with the force of a lightning bold, barring my way. Looking back at my left side, the angry patrol was closing in, and it took no genius to say that with their guns defective against me, they were switching tactics to use an offensive of powerful Pokemon, some of which were already out.

A mark was on the back of my right hand, and even though there were some strange gloves on them, it glowed a dark indigo through it nevertheless, reminding me of stars. A sensation-a good one-shot through that hand as a blade of energy suddenly appeared, as if by my very will that I have it, with star-like patterns abound, and I cut straight through the plastic door like it was thin air, running through the small opening I created, and ducking behind a nearby counter...

It was over. I was back where I was, still inside the Calypso, still with about one hundred people who were praising Karazin for his initiation, careful not to break his newly-acquired egg.

"The planning for our next raid is today, in an hour!" Mario added, quickly, before walking off.


An hour later, me and Karazin were sitting with Mario and a few other ES's, and both of us had a target already in mind.

"Luvant Cin?" Mario asked.

"To my knowledge, Luvant Cin, head of the Income Tax Bureau of the Onlisk Republic, has bribed governmental investigators to leave several high-profit businesses with ties to the Arbiters alone. If Luvant Cin is taken out, the bribery ends, the government officials crack down on them, and the Arbiters lose the supplies those businesses give to them." Karazin described.

"But he lives in Ocepulid. Ocepulid. Ocepulid, city of ruins, located on the planet Povinal, credited for being the Onlisk's last resort and retreat location in case Cavix falls? Ocepulid, where some of the world's toughest Pokemon trainers train at? Oceuplid, where-"

"You remember that previously mentioned figurine tournament in Pesse? That's where they're holding it. As there will be quite a lot of people there, including possibly Luvant Cin himself. If he is going there, then sending somebody in could allow for easy tracking for an ambush, and if he's not, the figurine tournament could offer a good source of income." Karazin said. "And whether he's there or not doesn't stop us from killing him later."

"That doesn't change the fact that he's in Povinal." Mario said.

"...Even if grounded, I swear you knew what we were going into when we stole Calypso. We were in Rycogis, and grounded or not, that is probably more dangerous than Povinal is." I said.

"Mario, that is true. I'm surprised we managed to survive without casualties, in fact." Another ES said, backing me up.

"Teal predicted that, and I have full confidence for anything he says...That being said, I'll consider it." Mario said.

We walked out, calmly, and I could hear Mario sigh. Life was being tough on all of us.
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