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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

OOC; Let's revive the dead - since you know, I have your permission and everything.

Also, I was wondering, could I change the wild mon's gender now or is it too late? If it's too late, that's totally fine. I'm just curious since it's been like, a year and I totally changed my mind.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It had been such a long time since Seq had last battled… Ages, really. It was sad and pathetic how much time had passed since he had last been out with his Pokemon, and he looked just plain awful. There were heavy black bags under his eyes and the crisp carnation colored suit he usually sported was wrinkled in disdain. He stood bent over slightly from the aches in his back and took on the posture of a vagrant in failing health. Limp black hair fell over his glazed eyes; eyes that were once bright and wide in awe of the Pokemon world. Now, there was nothing even remotely appealing about the once handsome man, and this only caused him to look more downtrodden.

Yet, the adventure he felt today lightened his entire spirit and he certainly wasn’t downtrodden in his heart. He was content, happy really, to be out in nature. It was only by chance he had taken the National Park challenge the first time – and he had come home with several partners which he still held dear. In fact, Pronyma the Mismagius was probably at home, bothering his other Pokemon with her constant pranks and crazy, witch-like cackles. He would probably have numerous messes to clean up when he got home, but that could always wait (or maybe he could bribe Rebecca to do it with a new purse!) This time around would hopefully be like the others, full of joy and new allies, and so the scientist felt no regrets in taking Ranger Leo up on his offer of a tour around Outpost Five.

The crisp morning air that drifted through the Botanic Gardens was a nice refresher from the stale lab scent and stagnant air that surrounded the bed he had spent the last several months in. Seq began slowly at first, taking each step like a child who had never walked, simply so he could admire his bountiful surroundings. It was a beautiful scene there in the gardens, making it only more admirable as time passed. The lush, green trees stood tall, proud and the grasses that tickled the knees of children in summer waved happily to any and all passerbies. He was no exception and took delight in the fact nature embraced him so quickly.

He assumed his Pokemon were happy to be outside again as well. It was their first time outside since the incident, but one couldn’t tell it from simply looking at them. They had battled a few Pokemon previously around the gardens, and it seemed from the flush each one adorned, they were enjoying it immensely. Rebecca walked with a confidence in her stride (as well as a swing to her hips) that Seq hadn’t seen in months and Julie skipped among the flowers, even though grass was her downfall. Erutis though, was happiest of all.

Back then, she had been in her prime, flying past numerous Pokemon in the skies with ease. Even the quickest bird Pokemon (such as Staraptor and Unfeazant) had turned away from her in spite, as they were not proper competition. Up and down, left and right… Her agile, advanced acrobatics made the other Pokemon stare on in envy. It was even more of a bother that she was graced with so many moves. Her vast list of TMs and BMs were often looked upon in jealousy.

The others, they’d murmur, “What sort of trainer could she have to be so blessed? She doesn’t deserve the praise and attention she’s getting. She’s only a Togekiss. You can buy those, can’t you? What makes her so special? So… different?”

Her coat shining from the numerous Pokeblocks and feathers groomed to only the highest standards pushed the stereotype further. It was obvious she was doted upon like none of the others, and even the wild Pokemon knew it.

Yet now, now in her old age, (that is, if Pokemon aged as humans did) she was past her prime. Once young and beautiful, her feathers now were slightly greasy and yellowed. Her eyes were weary with so many battles under her belt, but she was happy to be used once again. It was delightful to feel the sun on her back and to relive memories past. There was no question to how she was feeling now, and Seq returned those feelings earnestly.

He was more than happy to use Erutis. He was even happy the day he got her, though he was so in-experienced then…. He had no idea what to do with a fully evolved Pokemon, let alone one that came with moves from her previous owner. It didn’t matter, though. Erutis was just as inexperienced. Though she was treated like royalty, she had little experience battling in the past. The two had grown together and Seq, who was ecstatic having a Pokemon who could battle in the big leagues, let her.

Erutis had been used in tournaments, Gym Battles and even a World Cup Match against some of the fiercest competitors the Pokemon scene had encountered. Even then, in the midst of battle, she looked a princess. Single handedly, she won the match for Team Pakistan with her brilliant use of strategy and Seq loved her for it. He loved all his Pokemon in different ways, and Erutis was certainly different. She was a prize, an unique Togekiss who couldn’t compare to the others.

Then, Seq took a turn for the worse and was forced away from Pokemon. He was shunned from battling and his Pokemon suffered unjustly. Julie sulked around the lab all day, nuzzling his hands, trying to get him to do something productive. Seq would simply shoo her away, the fin on the Vaporeon’s head falling in sorrow.

Rebecca tried her hand at rousing Seq by whining, trying to pull her master to his feet and get him to Teeter Dance with her. He would have none of it, rolling over in bed and putting a pillow over his head.

Erutis on the other hand, who was a Pokemon centered on happiness, love and joy, took it the hardest. She didn’t know what to do to make her master happy again, and that hurt her most of all. The only thing she could do was wait, and wait she did.

The Togekiss spent most of her spare time in her Pokeball, never being called on. She used to be the pinnacle of her master’s teams and now, now she did nothing but sit and wait for the day she would be needed, loved again.

In the year she spent neglected while her master lay sick, the hope she had diminished. Her joyous eyes and spirit had dampened to nothing but a small spark. Her coat lost its once luxurious sheen. Even her talons, which had been given a pedicure every time the scientist went into the city, grew gnarled and ugly. Erutis felt shame and sadness, something a Togekiss should never feel.

And now, after all this time, she sat on the battle field once more. It was a grandiose time, her gentle mouth curving into a bright smile. To see her master out of bed and on the field caused her heart to fill with unbridled joy. The ragged look she had taken on while in ‘battle stasis’ had begun to recede. The youthful and boisterous spirit she holstered only picked up as time went on and Seq explored more with Ranger Leo and the team.

Now, she was in battle with a Roserade, something she knew her master wanted for a long, long time. He used to think about getting a Budew, but he didn’t have time to just run out and look for one. If he wasn’t working in the lab with Morgan on his varied experiments, he was dashing around tending to his growing collection of Pokemon. However, he often sat and doodled on his lab reports, drawing a small Budew in a flower pot.

Erutis knew she must help him, to ease a smile on the face of her master through the capture of another ally.

The flying type had already spent the majority of the battle weakening her opponent, (even though she was one to never really hurt them). It was her luck that the last several moves had hit, including those that messed with the opponent’s perception of the surroundings. The grassy Pokemon had already been immobilized with striking thunder. Although it seemed Pokemon crafted from leaves shouldn’t be susceptible to electricity, it now riddled the wild Pokemon’s veins allowing for complete paralysis.

The enemy was also confused. This was ridiculously beneficial for Erutis, who would do anything to avoid hurting opponents outright. Now, she could whiz around the sky and perform the type of moves she was meant to perform. In fact, Seq often compared Togekiss to a Blissey with wings, as they were more prone to status-inducing and healing oneself than beating the opponent into a bloody pulp. Of course, they did come with offensive moves, they simply preferred other sets.

Just earlier, he had commanded Erutis to use Roost – but that seemed in vain, given what preceded it. The crafty Roserade, though still paralyzed and basically stuck in one position for the majority of the battle, had used her refined shooting skills to launch small seedlings at his beloved partner, Togekiss.

The seeds burrowed deeply into the feathery plumage. They oozed a nasty, sticky sap, planting themselves firmly in place. Without much warning, the Roserade’s eyes gleamed, indicating it was time for the Leech Seed to get to work. Erupting from the seed’s shells were nasty, twisted vines grown in an instant. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness the power of grass types first hand. Without pruning, they could be dangerous and this Roserade was a perfect example of that.

Erutis, who had been grounded from the last turn’s Roost, squealed as the intrepid snare wound around her. The heavy vines bound her to the grass below, twisting and turning around the tall fauna to tighten its grip. It had not only startled the Togekiss, but made her frightened as well. Wings that used to lift the bird into the sky were now heavy, diseased with Leech Seed sap and dirt from the earth.

“Erutis!” the scientist gasped. He almost ran forward into the middle of the battle, but the reminder that Rebecca and Julie were sitting by (and that Ranger Leo would probably scold him for days), he managed to stop himself in time. Instead, he called for her, “Are you alright? Should I switch you out?”

“Kissu,” she responded, grunting. Erutis struggled against the ensnarement, wiggling back and forth underneath the bindings that kept her down. Small scrapes appeared on her chin, as her head bobbed up and down, touching the ground with enough force to leave a mark.

For a moment, Seq could do nothing but watch a Pokemon close to his heart wail in pain and push against the Pokemon who caused such torture. It’d be easy to escape if it were another of his Pokemon. Lana could simply Fire Punch her way from the binding and rush the Roserade head on. Even Rebecca, who was on the weaker side, could cover the grass trap in ice and rip through it in ease.

But, Erutis wanted to stay in. How could the man deny her, the princess she was (and still is), what she wanted most? The Togekiss was going to keep going even if it cost her her life. That’s the sort of dedication that came with the happiness Pokemon, and she was willing to make her master happy with every fiber of her being.

“If… If that’s what you want,” Seq whispered. He hung his head in a sort of defeat.

“Jynx? JYNX, JYNX, JYNX!” From behind, Rebecca sauntered up to the scientist, yelling and waving her hands around in wild directions. Roughly translated, the sassy Pokemon was rambling off a speech. ”What? How dare you not believe in your Pokemon! Master, are you fo’ serious? Mnhm, I can’t believe you!

The scientist looked down at Rebecca’s intense glare and snappy mannerisms. That girl could be such a pain, and of course, she was always right. “But Becca, what am I supposed to do?”

“Jynx, Jynx, Jy, Jynx,” the ice Pokemon snorted, snapping her large, purple fingers. Julie giggled. ”You get in there and you believe in your Togekiss, mister man! If you don’t, I will make you regret it!”

Seq sighed, placing a calloused hand on his forehead. Women could be so demanding, and yet here he was with a full party of females. “I guess you’re right. It’s not like I didn’t believe in Erutis. It’s just that-“

“Jynx, JYNX,” Rebecca pointed to the battlefield while Julie gave the man a slight nudge behind his knees. ”Mn… You better get out there boy, before I whoop you! NOW GO!

He obliged, making sure not to glance at his Ranger. He knew, just knew that if he took one look to the man beside him, he would be shamed into oblivion and have no hope of ever recovering his pride.

“Erutis,” he smiled, trying to build up the necessary confidence to face such a tricky opponent. “I want you to do everything you can to get away from this Leech Seed. Use your own Grass Knot.”

The Togekiss looked at him like he was insane. “Togekiss? Toge, Toge, Kissu, Togekiss?” ”Master, are… are you certain? I don’t see how that’s going to help much. Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

“I… I know it sounds weird, Erutis,” the scientist stammered. “But I promise it’s a good tactic! You’re already so close to the ground and it’s the Gardens! There’s plenty of tall grass around. You can use it to your advantage you know, manipulating your own Grass Knot to pull apart the vines that hold you down. You do control the grass, don’t you? Use it to your advantage!”

Pausing, the Togekiss thought about what exactly her Master had meant. Grass Knot was used by manipulating the swaying fauna with your mind to form a knot over your opponent to trip them. Perhaps, by manipulating it in another way, she could use the grass to pull apart the bindings that left her trapped on the ground! And of course, if that didn’t work, she could simply free herself with a Flamethrower. However, she didn’t want to injure the environment (let alone her opponent), so she’d have to make it look more like a small ember.

“When you free yourself dear, fly as high as you can to get out of the zone that Roserade can reach,” Seq said. “Then, once able, since you’ll be close to the heavens, make a Wish. Not only could you use some of the spare HP, but if I need to switch you on the next turn, then it could help prevent any damage to one of the girls here. Sound good?”

“Kissu!” Erutis called in agreement. It was a very good plan. In fact, although her master’s requests were often odd and made little sense to anyone but himself, they usually worked out in the end for the better. He was unique like that, and all his Pokemon eventually learned to trust his sense of judgment, no matter how weird it seemed.

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