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Default Re: EXHIBITION: NEW! Safari Zone

[-] Mewtwo (G)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 53
Energy: 61
Substitute@1 HP~Focus Punch~Psystrike~Ultra Ball w/CB

Arceus (G)
Health: 86
Energy: 70
Status: +1 Def, +1 SpDef
Judgment~Punishment~Extremespeed~Hyper Beam

-Battle here-

[-] Mewtwo (G)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 30
Energy: 34

Arceus (G)
Health: 65
Energy: 43
Status: Captured

Arceus uses Judgment: Deals 12 damage, costs 14 energy.
Mewtwo uses Substitute: Substitute created with 1 HP. Costs 1 energy.
Mewtwo begins focusing...
Arceus uses Punishment: Deals 1 damage, Substitute broken. Costs 7 energy.
Mewtwo uses Focus Punch: Deals 11 damage. Costs 19 energy.
Arceus uses Extremespeed: Deals 10 damage. Costs 6 energy.
Mewtwo uses Psystrike: Deals 10 damage. Costs 7 energy.
Trainer Paperfairy uses Ultra Ball: Failed Capture successful!

The capture roll was 15, where anything less than 14 would result in a capture. The capture roll was 12, where anything less than 14 would result in a capture.

You've just enslaved God. What will you do?

> Move on (0 Safari Points)
> Use Item (1 Safari Point)
> Leave the Zone (All Safari Points)

Attack x 3 + Item x 1=4 points.

You have 8 points remaining.
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