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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title: Regression Gym

Description of Gym Theme: All Pokémon battle with their stats reduced to their original forms.

6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme: I realize that my roster is ridiculously large. To compensate for that, I will only be using the six Pokémon listed here, with no wild cards, and I will declare my side before the challenger does.

Single/Double/Triple? Single.

How many Pokémon per side? Three. Before every battle, the leader will declare the 3 Pokémon he will use, followed by the challenger. The combined EXP levels of either declaration cannot exceed 16.

Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions? No items.

What is the Gym Arena?
The battle arena is a direct replica of Cynthia's room from the Sinnoh Pokémon League.

While inside the arena, the following effects are in place, and cannot be turned off:

1) All attempts to use Signature Moves will fail and result in an appropriate energy deduction.
2) All Pokémon will be judged during battle as if they had never evolved. For example:

ATK: 9
DEF: 7
SPEED: 100
EXP: 9
WEIGHT: 1026
upon entering battle, would become

ATK: 5
DEF: 5
EXP: 3
3) Despite having their stats reduced, Pokémon still retain their ability and movepool from their actual form.
4) All stat boosts received outside of battle (vitamins) wear off.

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym? None.

In addition, please provide links to all battles you have participated in, past or present. lol.
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