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Default Re: EXHIBITION: NEW! Safari Zone

Optimistic about your chances, you buckle down and begin your climb. Really you're just trying to get around, but the only viable path appears to be straight up and over. You carry on a sport that has claimed people's lives, and several times nearly claims yours, save for Mewtwo's intervention. Finally, you reach the summit, only to find the most peculiar thing: ruins, very old and worn, of what appears to be some sort of shrine. You take a few steps forward, and nearly jump off the side of the mountain when a shimmering set of stairs appears in front of you. It takes a few moments for you to gather your confidence, but when you do, you find yourself almost excited. You climb the stairs, Mewtwo floating silently at your side, and after what seems like several hours, you finally arrive at the top... to find nothing. Not a trace of ground, anything beyond the staircase, and yet, when you test it with your hand, you find that yes, there is something solid to stand on. You walk out onto the invisible platform, and hear the staircase shimmer out of existence behind you. You blink, and suddenly a being stands before you, radiating pure power. It does not speak, but looks upon you, and you feel the urge to kneel in reverence. The only thing stopping you is the knowledge that this is clearly a Pokemon, and that you are a Trainer, and that somehow, you know it wishes to battle.

A Wild Arceus appeared! (G)
Ability: Multitype
Type declared: Normal

What will you do?

>Attack (1 Safari Point)
> Use Item (1 Safari Point)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Leave Safari Zone

You have 19 points remaining.

Notice for Rangers: You don't need to be nearly as fancy or long in your writing as I was there, I'm just having fun with this.
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