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Default Re: EXHIBITION: NEW! Safari Zone

[-] Mewtwo (G)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 85
Energy: 86
Thunder Wave~Pokeball

Skymin (G)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 49
Energy: 89
Synthesis~Air Slash

Mewtwo, still annoyed from the Seed Flare, began to glow with a neon blue hue. It slowly levitated backwards as it outstretched its arms, its three “fingers” slowly flexing to life. As Mewtwo’s glow began to further brighten, small blue sparks of a matching hue could be seen flying from Mewtwo’s palm. Skymin looked slightly worried as the sparks rapidly grew greater in number – and they were soon flying from all over Mewtwo, as opposed to just its palms. The Psychic type seemed to smirk as its wrists quickly jerked backwards before flying forward, sending a massive wave of the neon blue sparks showering towards Skymin. There was no seeming escape path from the assault, and Skymin was shocked with the electric shower. When the sparks had clearly, Skymin’s movements were no longer as lively as they once were. Rather, Skymin seemed to be moving in a rather jerky manner, as paralysis began to set in.

Paralyzed and still smarting from the earlier Blizzard, the Wild Legendary Pokémon decided to take to the offensive in order to better protect itself. Skymin stood perfectly still for a moment and closed its eyes as it began to draw energy from the bright sun above. The leaves on Skymin’s back began to glow with a bright white light, which quickly grew brighter by the second. Anticipating an attack, Mewtwo poised to strike, but no such attack came, as Skymin’s leaves began to shimmer and drop white sparkles around Skymin. The sparkles, as they hit the ground and dissipated, appeared to have some sort of positive healing effect on the Grass-type. Although the paralysis hadn’t worn off completely, the wounds from earlier to seem have healed considerably, putting Skymin into a significantly better battling state.

You of course, were not finished, despite Skymin’s newly healed state. Putting your hand into the pouch around your waist, you retrieve a small red and white sphere. It is empty; you know this because the top portion, the red half, is slightly transparent, allowing you to see within. Upon confirming it was empty, you toss the Ball overhand towards the Flying-type, who looks onward at the Ball with a reindeer in the headlights look. The Ball hit Skymin quickly, sucking the beast into its tiny confines. The prison however, proved to be weak, as the sphere quickly exploded with a bright white light. When the light dissolved, Skymin stood before you, smirking as it was easily able to escape from your Poké Ball.

As the flower-like Pokémon adjusted to being outside of the Ball, it quickly jerked momentarily before kicking off with its hind legs, flying into the air. It flew around in a large circle, gathering strong wind currents as the cycle grew stronger. The oxygen molecules in the air quickly began to glow a bright blue, which all began to stick to each other as they began to form a bright blue ball. As the ball drew in more and more oxygen, suddenly Skymin stopped flying. Its body froze up entirely and it circling stopped as quickly, Skymin began to plummet back down towards the ground. The flowers cushioned its fall, but full paralysis had kicked in, and the shame had never been greater.

[-] Mewtwo (G)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 81
Energy: 78
Status: Seeded

Skymin (G)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 69
Energy: 79
Status: Paralyzed

Mewtwo uses Thunder Wave: Skymin is paralyzed. Costs 4 energy.
Skymin uses Synthesis: +20 HP.
Capture attempt: failure.
Skymin uses Air Slash: Fully paralyzed (roll 23). Costs 3 energy.

The capture roll was 66, where anything less than 38 would result in a capture.

What will you do?
>Attack (1 Safari Point)
> Use Item (1 Safari Point)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Leave Safari Zone

Attack x 2: 2 Safari Points

You have 25 points remaining.
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