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Default Re: Anyone else think the series peaked at the Orange Islands?

Originally Posted by Charizard Michelle View Post
I think Orange was the last that we saw good stuff considering that Johto was made infamous due to their fillers and Hoenn never picked up speed to be good. Still I think that the series has hit is second peak with the majority of Sinnoh. This past saga we got great storytelling with Galactic and a good rival. In all honesty I think that Sinnoh is a much better saga compare to Kanto and Orange due to the fact that the series finally learn how to master foreshadowing for most of the series.

I am hoping that Isshu would be just as great and that I hope the writers finally figure out how to close off a saga with having a good League ending.
I must apologize for dgg, because while I do not even know the person, he is an obvious d*ck.

However, he is right about one thing. The show definitely hit its peak in the Johto saga, and not in the Orange Islands.
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