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Default Re: Individual RP: SammyTheKidney (Lakes)

OOC: is it good?

As Sam walked down the path, toward the Outpost, in hope to find a ranger, to help on his bid adventure on the Park, he had a puzzled face, with a few worried traits. On closer look you could see, that he was practically lost on the Lakes, as he had no idea of how to read the map to get to the Outpost.

Sam, sighed as he got his only Pokeball and released a somewhat strange Pokémon , that was brown all over and seemed to wear a coat, had a slightly ovaloid-shaped head that then cried “Yem”. Sam sighed and then asked her to find the way with Telepathy, she then, only pointed to a building at the horizon, where the Outpost was located, and a young woman with a cat-like lavender Pokémon laid.

Sam then, out of frustration, face-palmed himself, and directed himself to the Outpost
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