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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Kiseki sat on the bed Ichiru had used, a few feet away from the one Caroline laid on, with his laptop. He had researched Mai before with his brother, but somehow he couldn’t remember much about them. Did they really have nine lives like a cat, or was he confusing it with a movie he had seen or something? He really hoped that wasn’t the case…

Movement on the bed a few feet away made him quickly look over to see Caroline sit up on the bed, seeming to panic slightly when she noticed where she was before noticing the dark haired teen on the bed nearby, which brought her to sigh in relief. Kiseki did the same, closing the laptop and sitting it to the side on the bed as he turned to look at the blonde.

“I thought Joey brought me here.” She said, standing up from the bed and walking over to the mirror hanging on the wall. In the reflection, Kiseki could see the handprints still there, as well as some small puncture wounds he hadn’t noticed before. The blonde seemed to notice that her claws were still out, bringing her to quickly retract them as she looked over to the Vampire.

“I’m guessing you already know what I am now… I’m a Mai, and so is Joey.” Caroline looked down as she spoke again, walking back over to the bed and sitting down. “I don’t even know why I was with him. I guess I was too scared to leave because I knew he would try to hurt me and probably Ashley’s family.” She paused, rubbing her wrists, which brought Kiseki‘s attention back to the bruises. “And… another reason was because it’s almost impossible for me to have a relationship with someone; for any Mai in that matter. We can’t be together with humans because just even a small kiss will kill them. Mai can be together but so far Joey is the only Mai I’ve ever met besides my family. Mai and other Supernatural beings can be together also, but what’s the chance of coming across a Supernatural being who you’re attracted to and who is also not evil?” She looked up at the window, and Kiseki looked at the floor, a light blush creeping onto his cheeks.

“I… I’m sure you’ll find someone.” He offered a small smile, trying his best to hide his reddened face as he got up and walked over to the blonde. “If you want, I can heal your wounds now.”

“I have a family, friends, and a career; why would I throw that all away? Not all Supernatural creatures are bad.” Back at the beach, Ichiru merely smirked down at the brunette as she responded, knowing when she looked away after speaking that she had realized what she just said. “I’m sorry I judged you and your brother so quickly.” She said softly, her gaze on the waves as she spoke. “Me of all people should know that not all Supernatural creatures are all bad, because of what I am, and what my daughter is. Somehow… Abigail is half Demon, which confuses me so much. She’ll be a hybrid once she turns into a Mermaid when she’s thirteen, but I know somehow she’ll remain good. I know deep down she won't turn evil.” Ashley looked back to Ichiru, who was obviously shocked by what she had just told him. “I’m so sorry…”

“Demon…?” Ichiru echoed the word softly, almost to himself in the pause that followed, simply looking at the brunette in shock. He had suspected Abigail was half demon from her fangs, but he hadn’t honestly thought she was…

He noticed Ashley’s expression shift to one of shock suddenly, making him look at her in confusion as she merely stared at him. Had saying that made her figure out what he was? However, this thought proved to be completely wrong as the brunette suddenly leaned up to connect her lips with his in a soft kiss. The action caught him completely off guard, his emerald eyes widening in shock while she laced her fingers with his. Somehow this seemed so familiar though… Everything about her did.

It was then that the dark haired teen was hit with a memory that he’d never once thought about, or even remembered happening.

A younger version of himself and Ashley ran along the beach, the demon, who was chasing after the brunette catching up with her quickly and grabbing her from behind. Her familiar laugh echoed over the sound of the waves as he pinned her down in the sand, holding her arms over her head.

“That’s not fair!” Ashley laughed, and Ichiru smiled down at her in response.

“I told you I was faster.”

“You probably cheated.” Ashley giggled.

“Now would I do that?” Ichiru said, leaning down to give the brunette a kiss on the cheek.

“Knowing you you would.” Ashley laughed as she looked out onto the ocean. “I bet I can swim faster than you.” She smiled as she looked up at Ichiru, who laughed.

“Well of course you would win.” He smiled down at the brunette again, his fangs clearly visible. Ashley smiled as well as she leaned up and kissed Ichiru, who instantly responded by pulling the brunette closer to him.

Ichiru snapped back to reality just as Ashley pulled away, looking at the brunette with the same shocked expression she had given him as she managed to free one of her hands and place it on his cheek. However, before he could say or do anything, she leaned up again, once more connected her lips with his. However, this time something compelled Ichiru to respond this time, finally kissing the brunette back as she slowly deepened it. His grip loosened on her remaining arm, and he felt her wrap both of them around him on seconds later, pulling him down on top of her until there was no possible space left between them. He could feel an unexplainable desire beginning to rise to the surface, but he couldn’t understand why or where it was coming from.

What am I doing…?

Ashley broke the kiss again, and Ichiru looked down at her, the confusion in his expression mirroring hers. However, before he could say anything, the brunette quickly summoned water from the ocean and hit the demon with hit him with it. Ichiru managed to land on his feet, quickly standing up as Ashley ran into the water until she was waist high before turning into a Mermaid and swimming away quickly. He could have easily used his telekinesis to bring her back, but she was obviously just as freaked out by this as he was, so he decided against it. Instead, he gave a soft sigh, watching her swim off to an island in the distance; around two miles away from the shore. He remembered from his readings about Homestead that the name of the island was Lunar Island, apparently one of the places where a comet had crashed into the Earth.

Ichiru turned away from the shore, starting to head back into town before he noticed some motorboats docked nearby, a small building right near them. He gave the island another glance, thinking on his decision for a few moments before finally turning and heading toward the building.

“Excuse me?” A brown haired male appeared at Ichiru’s call, and the dark haired teen nodded toward one of the boats outside, pulling out some money to pay for the rent. “I’d like to borrow a motorboat, please.”

“Sure thing.” The brown haired guy gave Ichiru a smile after a few moments‘ hesitation once he saw the guns strapped to his thighs, taking the money offered to him. “Be careful out there, and make sure to bring it back when you’ve finished with it.”

“I will, thank you.” Ichiru turned and left the building, making his way down to where the boats were taking the nearest one. Once he was out on the water, it didn’t take him long at all to reach Lunar Island, although as he’d suspected, once he got there, Ashley was already gone. He gave a sigh, cutting off the boat’s engine and stepping out onto the beach. The water was calm enough that the boat shouldn’t drift away, so he didn’t have to worry about that. He thought to check the island for any signs of the brunette, but after stepping onto the shore, he instantly noticed that there weren’t any footprints.

“Damn…” That meant that she had most likely kept going or had gone somewhere under water. Which also meant he had just wasted his time…

He gave a sigh, sitting down on the ground and staring out at the water. No one would bother him here anyway, and he needed some time to think. If he went back to the motel, Kiseki would only worry because he seemed to troubled. His mind wandered back to what had just happened; the memory he’d had, and what Ashley had done. It felt natural, like it had happened so many times before - and he’d even had a memory of the two of them. But where had that come from? They had looked to be around thirteen or fourteen, which was the only period of his life from which he couldn’t remember anything. Mermaids couldn’t put memories in your mind, so had that actually been real? The entire situation was too confusing…

OoC: Forgive my suckish motorboat rental… I’ve never done it, so I don’t know how it goes xD
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