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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Not too long at all after Kiseki had brought Caroline to the motel room and placed her in his own bed, the curly haired blonde opened her eyes and sat up on the bed, not realizing where she was. At first a slight panic rose within her as she looked around, but when Caroline saw Kiseki she sighed in relief.

“I thought Joey brought me here.” Caroline sighed in relief again as she stood up from the bed, fixing her zipper from what Joey had done and walked over to a hanging mirror on the wall as she took a closer look at her neck. Red hand marks could be seen along with fingernail puncture wounds from when Joey dug his fingernails into the blonde’s neck. It was then that Caroline realized that her claws were still out, bringing her to quickly retract them as she looked over to Kiseki.

“I’m guessing you already know what I am now… I’m a Mai, and so is Joey.” Caroline said as she looked down, walking back over to Kiseki’s bed and sat down. “I don’t even know why I was with him. I guess I was too scared to leave because I knew he would try to hurt me and probably Ashley’s family.” Caroline paused as she continued to look down, rubbing her wrists. “And… another reason was because it’s almost impossible for me to have a relationship with someone; for any Mai in that matter. We can’t be together with humans because just even a small kiss will kill them. Mai can be together but so far Joey is the only Mai I’ve ever met besides my family. Mai and other Supernatural beings can be together aslo, but what’s the chance of coming across a Supernatural being who you’re attracted to and who is also not evil?” Caroline looked up at the window with sadness in her facial expression from the situation she was in, seeing the graveyard across the street where Scarlet was buried.

Back at the beach Ashley was about to punch Ichiru hard in the face but he quickly caught her fist with his hand, flipping the two over as he pinned down Ashley in the sand.

“I’m not a threat to you.” Ichiru said as he stared Ashley directly in the eyes. With the dark look he was giving her she had a real hard time believing it, looking up at Ichiru with fear as she tried to struggle away, but her hands were pinned down above her head. A few moments later his expression softened, though the brunette continued to struggle. “Really. My brother and I are hunters. We heard about all of the disappearances happening recently and came to check it out. That’s the only reason we’re even in this town to begin with.” As Ichiru paused the brunette stopped struggling, becoming still as she looked up in the emerald green eyes. “That aside, you’re a Supernatural creature too. How do I know you’re not the one at fault?”

“I have a family, friends, and a career; why would I throw that all away? Not all Supernatural creatures are bad.” At Ashley’s words she realized that she had judged Ichiru and Kiseki of the disappearances in town just because they were a Supernatural species. The brunette felt sickened with herself as she looked away, looking out onto the ocean as she watched the waves gently roll in. “I’m sorry I judged you and your brother so quickly.” Ashley said softly as she continued to look out into the small waves. “Me of all people should know that not all Supernatural creatures are all bad, because of what I am, and what my daughter is. Somehow… Abigail is half Demon, which confuses me so much. She’ll be a hybrid once she turns into a Mermaid when she’s thirteen, but I know somehow she’ll remain good. I know deep down she won't turn evil.” Ashley looked back up at Ichiru, once again staring up into those piercing emerald green eyes. “I’m so sorry…” It was then that the brunette was hit with a memory that she never had experienced before…

A younger Ashley and Ichiru around the age of thirteen or fourteen ran along the beach, Ichiru playfully chasing Ashley as their feet hit the wet sand. Ichiru caught up with Ashley and grabbed her from behind, the brunette laughing as Ichiru pinned her down in the sand with her arms above her head.

“That’s not fair!” Ashley laughed as Ichiru smiled down at her.

“I told you I was faster.” Ichiru responded as he continued to smile down at her with his emerald green eyes looking straight into hers.

“You probably cheated.” Ashley giggled.

“Now would I do that?” Ichiru asked as he gave the brunette a kiss on the cheek.

“Knowing you you would.” Ashley laughed as she looked out onto the ocean. “I bet I can swim faster than you.” Ashley smiled as she looked back up to Ichiru.

“Well of course you would win.” Ichiru laughed as he continued to smile down at Ashley, his fangs clearly visible. Ashley smiled as well as she leaned up and kissed Ichiru, who instantly responded by pulling the brunette closer to him.

The memory ended as Ashley looked up at the dark haired teen in shock, looking deep into his emerald green eyes. Before she realized what she was doing and before she could stop herself the brunette slowly leaned up and connected her lips with Ichiru’s in a soft kiss. This new feeling she was getting felt so right to Ashley, like this action she was doing was so natural to the brunette when it came to Ichiru. Ashley tried to tell herself to stop kissing him but something stronger made its way to the surface as she laced her fingers with Ichiru’s, the very ones that were pinning her down in the sand.

After a few moments Ashley pulled away, looking up at Ichiru as she freed one of her hands and placed it up to Ichiru’s cheek, leaning up again to connect her lips with his once more. This time however the brunette slowly deepened the kiss, a familiar desire Ashley felt for Ichiru that she couldn’t explain as the kiss was warm, passionate and felt so right. She could feel the fangs from the inside of his mouth which told her that she wanted him even more for some reason, but she couldn’t figure out why yet; she couldn’t figure out why she loved the fangs so much. The brunette released her other arm from being pinned down and wrapped both of them around Ichiru, gently pulling his body down on top of her until there was no possible space left between the two. An unexplained love rose within Ashley that she felt towards Ichiru, but where was this coming from? Why had these feelings swim to the surface all of a sudden?

The brunette broke the kiss as she looked up at Ichiru once more, her expression going from being happy to one of shock and confusion as she looked up at him. With a quick motion of her hand she summoned up some water from the ocean and hit Ichiru with it to get him off of her, trying not to hurt the dark haired teen as Ashley quickly stood up and ran into the water, diving under when she was waist high in it and turned into a Mermaid, using her speed-swim to quickly flee from the scene and went in the direction of a large island that was around two miles away from shore, though it was clearly visible from the beach.

Lunar Island is a very important place to Mermaids; it’s an island located approximately two and a half miles away from the Homestead shore.

As it seems, Lunar Island is a comet that crashed into the Earth, along with around a hundred other comets that came crashing down in all different places around the world, creating these special islands in the oceans. These islands are made up by humid rain forests, which makes it hard to reveal the real secret that the islands possess. In these islands are a moon pool that are in the inside of a dormant volcano and have two entrances; one being a cave leading to a waterfall outside and the other being an underwater cave that you can swim through to get inside the moon pool; the waterfall is part of a stream running through the mangrove forest.

Lunar Island has been around long before humans walked the earth and it will still be around long after humans have gone. Around Lunar there are the largest populations of Florida’s sharks and sea turtles, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Off-shore there are coral reef sands and a number of ship wrecks that are around the island. On the northern side of the island there is a place called Triton's Reef; it’s known as a place where sharks breed.

Lunar Island, and the other islands that came from the comets, is a magical place to which Mermaids are drawn to and feel safe there. It is to believe that the comets broke off from the moon, which is why Mermaids are drawn to these islands; the full moon. If a Mermaid were to be in the moon pool while the full moon shined down on the water of the moon pool, their Mermaid tail and abilities will be taken away from them for a whole twelve hours. If a Mermaid were to be in the moon pool while there was an lunar eclipse however, their Mermaid tail and abilities would be taken away from them forever, becoming a normal human.

Ashley raced to the underwater cave and quickly swam through it, slowing down as she slowly swam up to the cave’s surface where she was inside the moon pool. Glittering stone walls and sand flooring surrounded the moon pool in a large room as Ashley swam to the moon pool’s edge, putting her arms up on the sand as she rested her head in her arms. Her thoughts shifted back to Ichiru and what had just happened at the beach, along with the sudden memory that came to her out of nowhere. Ashley had no idea what was going on, but she intended to find out. Still thinking he was a Vampire, the thought of Ichiru compelling her came to mind too, but why would Ichiru compel a memory like that into her head? To get her guard down? Ashley was so confused right now as she tried to piece everything together.

OOC: the outside of Lunar Island-

the moon pool area-
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