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Default PE2KASB League Table

The ASB Battler’s League
Here at the Battler's league, we keep a record of each trainer, their wins and their losses. This data is used to score each trainer with a points total, which is stored in a chart. In this way, the best trainers in the ASB can be found easily and may even be rewarded for their skill.

The Rules
You are added to the list once you have completed 1 battle
Ties are broken based on how many pokémon each player has defeated minus the number of pokémon they have lost.
>If there is still a tie then the winner will be the one with the least completed battles.

The Points System
You gain 4 points if you win a Gym battle as the Challenger
You gain 3 points if you win an ordinary battle
You gain 2 points if you draw in a battle
You gain 2 points if you win a Gym battle as the Leader
You gain 0 points if you lose a battle
You gain 1 point if you win a battle by disqualification
You lose 1 point if you lose a battle by disqualification

All Time

This Month

Hall of Fame
March- Hitmonfighter
April- paperfairy
May- sammy0295
June- SLC
July- CM
August- eishiba
September- MoonKit
October- Saraibre Ryu
November- Velocity, MoonKit and SuperUltraZekrom
December- Aquablast and 3DThinker
January- eishiba
February- Dino and Firesong
March- Lord Fedora, paperfairy, Foxamivalth and 5TailedDemonLizard
April- Velocity, Saraibre Ryu, Starship and Foxamivalth
May- narphoenix and Latio-Nytro
June- Foxamivalth
July- Saraibre Ryu
August- Ritaro
September- None
October- The Sensei and White Knight
November- Foxamivalth and eishiba
December- Neku Sakuraba
January- 5TailedDemonLizard

Whenever a new leader in points is crowned, one of the following prizes is chosen at random:
- 10% discount on all Downtown threads (does not stack with other discounts)
- +3 dollars at the end of every battle, regardless of result
- Shinification of one Pokémon (only valid once per account)
- 1 Free Safari Run

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