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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

“I’m fine. I’m really sorry but I have to start going.” Caroline responded after looking at the Vampire. It was obvious he had startled her when he spoke, which confirmed his thoughts that she was upset by something even more.

“But…” Kiseki trailed off as she quickly put her phone away in her pocket and swinging the strap of the laptop case over her shoulder, leaving before he had the chance to say anything. He looked at the ground, not knowing what to do at first. Should he follow her to see if everything was okay, or just leave it alone? It wasn’t really any of his business, but if she was in some sort of danger he wanted to help.

After several moments of consideration, Kiseki turned and left the restaurant quickly, heading down the street in the direction he’d glimpsed Caroline going in through the window earlier. He didn’t see any signs of the blonde so far, but she couldn’t have gotten too far yet, unless she really was a Vampire and had used her speed… This thought discouraged the dark haired teen; if she had really left that way he’d never be able to find her.

However, shortly after these thoughts began to cross his mind, Kiseki spotted a familiar male run out of an alley up ahead. His eyes narrowed as he recognized him; the guy from the restaurant. He was the one who had been harassing Caroline earlier. But wait… what was he doing coming out of an alley? To top if off, Caroline was missing after coming down this way only moments earlier. Surely that didn’t mean…

Kiseki ran to the alley, almost able to catch the blonde haired teen as he left, but decided not to chase after him when he spotted something lying in the alley - a body. Caroline’s body.

“Caroline!” The Vampire instantly ran to her side, noticing right away that she wasn’t moving. He quickly knelt down beside her to check for a pulse, his own heart skipping a beat when he didn’t feel one. “No…” He refused to believe that she was dead. That couldn’t be. He could see the red handprints on her neck, suggesting Joey had strangled her. However, when he looked at the blonde’s hands, he noticed sharp claws extending from each fingertip. The moment back in the restaurant where her pupils had narrowed into slits like a cat’s eye came back to mind, and Kiseki looked at her in shock. The only creatures he knew of that had those traits were Mai… Didn’t that mean she would come back, then?

At any rate, he needed to get her somewhere safe incase Joey or someone else came around… With this thought, Kiseki scooped the blonde into his arms, making sure to pick up the laptop as well before using his Vampire speed to run back to the motel where he and Ichiru had been staying.

After he’d made it up to the room they shared, he gently laid Caroline on his bed, placing the bag with Ashley’s laptop in it on the floor at the foot of the bed so that it wouldn’t be mixed up with his and Ichiru’s laptops. He looked over at Caroline, knowing now that she would probably come back, but was there anything he should do to help her in the meantime? And how long would it take?

Ashley stood up after Ichiru spoke, her fists tightening at her sides.

“I was about to run home and call my mom.” She hissed, although before Ichiru could respond, her attention shifted to a nearby jogger before she called out to him. The dark haired teen watched her ask to borrow their cell phone, calling someone shortly after and returning it once she was finished. As she knelt down near the baby dolphin again, he was hit by that weird feeling again. Why did everything about her seem so familiar?

He watched her begin to levitate water over the dolphin so that it wouldn’t overheat for a few moments before deciding to help out once more. However, this time he didn’t have to get near her, simply focusing on the water nearby and using his telekinetic abilities to move it over to the dolphin. Ashley would most likely not even notice he was helping if he timed the movements right, and even if she did, Vampires were known to have telekinetic abilities as well, so she’d still assume he was one. Of course, he would have rather been thought of as a Vampire than a demon anyway…

“Ashley!” After a few moments of working to keep the dolphin from overheating, a voice echoed across the shore, bringing Ichiru to look up simultaneously with Ashley, seeing a woman that resembled her almost exactly, along with a few other people approaching. Ichiru moved out of the way as the others began to care for the dolphin while Ashley talked with the woman, who was apparently her mother. It didn’t seem as though any of them had noticed him, which he honestly preferred. It was bad enough that Ashley thought of him as a threat; he honestly didn’t feel like dealing with an entire group of people.

His gaze wandered to the ocean as the two continued talking, watching the sunlight reflecting off of the water’s surface for a few moments while his mind shifted back to what had happened earlier in town, when he had met Abigail.

“When the two Dolphins are nursed back to health then you can see them. The mother is going to be so happy to her baby.” He faintly heard Ashley’s mother speaking as he pulled himself away from the thoughts, deciding not to get too wrapped up in them right now, and looked back over to the two just as Ashley glanced at him as she responded.

“Yeah. A mother would do anything to protect their young.” He knew what she was implying as she spoke, and although the comment frustrated him more than amused him, the slightest hint of a smirk came onto his face in response. He watched Ashley hug her mother, and then she and the rest of the group left, leaving only Ashley and Ichiru on the beach once more. After the van had pulled away, the brunette looked back to him.

“Honestly, you have to be the one who’s causing all the people around here to disappear. You and your brother must be using them for blood and then disposing the bodies somewhere, or even keeping a few alive for blood banks.” She growled, and the dark haired teen gave a sigh as she quickly looked to the ocean.

“I think you’re a bit mistaken…” He managed to respond before Ashley brought out a ball of water about the size of a soccer ball and froze it before sending it hurling at the demon’s head. He quickly knocked it away with his arm, although he didn’t get the chance to move or counter before the brunette knocked him to the ground. She drew back her fist in preparation for a punch, but Ichiru quickly regained his composure and grabbed her fist as it came down. Pain sprung into his hand from the impact, but he showed no outward signs of it as he quickly flipped the two of them over, pinning the brunette down in the sand.

“I’m not a threat to you.” He stared directly into her eyes, his expression dark with irritation for a few moments before he realized how intimidating he must have looked, bringing his gaze to soften. “Really. My brother and I are hunters. We heard about all of the disappearances happening recently and came to check it out. That’s the only reason we’re even in this town to begin with.” He paused, just now taking in the fact that she had been manipulating the water as Kotomi’s words came back to mind. “That aside, you’re a Supernatural creature too. How do I know you’re not the one at fault?”
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