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Default Re: [CONTEST] Who's That Pokemon?


Gelatini Jejunator: Iraby
7/10 Shading
18/20 Creativity
4/5 Neatness
9/10 Coloring
5/5 Something Secret...
43/50 Overall
Great idea! I actually looked up Iris, the goddess it's based on, and they are very similar! Appealing color scheme, and an all around solid job.

Foxamivalith: Snileg
8/10 Shading
15/20 Creativity
5/5 Neatness
6/10 Coloring
5/5 Something Secret...
39/50 Overall
I like this sprite. I like the concept of it, but it doesn't make sense to me. The colors are also monotone, and not too exciting. I like the Pokedex entry, and it is a great sprite, just not the best.

Face: Gelfiz
6/10 Shading
19/20 Creativity
4/5 Neatness
7/10 Coloring
3/5 Something Secret...
39/50 Overall
I'm not entirely sure WHAT this is, but it interests me! The Pokedex entry wasn't the best, but I like the sprite itself! Some of the outlines were a little light, but I liked your concept.

Sequentio: Ivyal
8/10 Shading
20/20 Creativity
4/5 Neatness
10/10 Coloring
4/5 Something Secret...
46/50 Overall
This sprite is so cute! It kind of reminds me of a mutated Budew! The colors are spot on; it looks just like a rose! Very good Pokedex entry as well.

Graceful Suicune: Snizzle
9/10 Shading
20/20 Creativity
4/5 Neatness
8/10 Coloring
3/5 Something Secret...
44/50 Overall
This sprite made me laugh. At first, I didn't see the snail, and I was wondering what it was, then I really looked at, and it was a snail, on vines! Really creative idea! The Pokedex entry was sort of confusing. Why would a snail be infuriated about vines acting as legs? Nice colors and shading as well.

1st Place: Sequentio
2nd Place: Graceful Suicune
3rd Place: Gelatini Jejunator

A close match here! Thank you to all our entrants! Winners will receive something (not sure yet)!

Week 2 is up!!
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