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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

OOC: in the SUs I had to edit my last post because when I tried to type in more abilities that Mermaids have it wouldn’t let me when I tried to save it on Ashley’s SU; I think it was too long ^^’ so if everyone could look back to my very last post on the SU thread you’ll find that it’s edited =]

IC: Caroline saw Kiseki come out of the restaurant and walk towards her, bringing her to give a short wave before looking back at the body. A few moments later Caroline saw Ichiru and a girl who resembled him and Kiseki begin to walk over to Kiseki and herself, bringing Caroline to take a deep breath and relax. The curly haired blonde quickly read the emotions from Ichiru and Kotomi, feeling that they weren’t a threat either.

“I’m gonna go back inside to make sure no one takes Ashley’s laptop.” Caroline said to Kiseki before walking away from the scene and going back into the restaurant, sitting at her own table as she began to eat. The vibration of her phone going off in her pocket brought the blonde to stop eating and pull out her cell phone, seeing that it was a text message from Joey. Caroline opened it, revealing a picture of herself and Kiseki standing next to each other at the crime scene. Her sapphire eyes widened in shock as another picture came to her phone a few moments later, showing Caroline sitting at the table with her phone in hand. Caroline quickly turned around to where the photo was taken right outside the window, seeing that Joey was already gone. One last text message came through from him, this time it only being words as it read Remember Caroline, I’m always watching. You’re going to have to be by yourself sooner or later, and when you do, I’ll be right there with you. Caroline put the phone on the table and looked down, too scared to even eat anymore.

Ashley, Jeremy and Abigail made it back to their house safely, Abby running right for the kitchen as she opened up the refrigerator.

“Can I have some fruit salad and orange juice?” Abby asked as she pulled out a container of all different kinds of sliced fruit.

“Do you want anything else besides fruit salad?” Ashley asked as she took out the orange juice.

“Maybe toast with butter and jelly?” Ashley nodded at Abby’s answer with a smile as she made everything, Jeremy getting out a bowl to pour himself cereal.

“Where’s mom?” Ashley asked Jeremy as she put some of the fruit salad on a bowl and sprinkled a spoonful of sugar on top, just like how Abigail liked it.

“She had to go into work early today. They saved a female Dolphin yesterday from a shark attack so mom is at the water park taking care of the Dolphin.” Jeremy responded; their mother was a Marine Biologist and Dolphin trainer.

“Is the Dolphin going to be okay?” Ashley asked in concern as she got Abby’s toast together and poured a glass of orange juice.

“Yeah she’ll be fine. They found out though that the mother just gave birth to a baby right before the shark attack so they’re trying to find the baby.” Jeremy responded.

“But a Dolphin calf doesn’t get their teeth grown in until three to four months old, so the calf can’t even hunt for fish.” Ashley said in shock as she gave Abigail her meal at the kitchen table.

“That’s why they’re trying to find the baby as soon as possible.” Jeremy said, seeing the worried look on Ashley’s face. “Go find the baby. The attack wasn’t too far from here so the baby couldn’t have gone far. I’ll make sure Abby takes a shower and a nap so she’ll have the energy to go swimming later.” Jeremy said as Ashley nodded, giving a kiss on Abigail’s forehead before running up to her own room. Ashley changed into her black bikini with pink polka dots, denim short shorts and a plain orange tank top.

“I’ll be back right after I find the Dolphin.” Ashley said as she ran down the stairs, slipping on her pink flip flops and running out of the house, forgetting her cellphone. The brunette ran to the beach which wasn’t that far away from her house, not stopping until she reached the sand and took off her sandals to run better. As she ran towards the water she saw something that was washed up on shore away from everyone else, the spot where Ashley, Abigail and Jeremy were actually swimming at earlier as she ran up to the figure. To Ashley’s complete shock and surprise, a baby Dolphin wrapped up in fishing line was laying on the wet sand, giving out small sounds of pain.

“Shh it’s okay.” Ashley said as she knelt down beside the injured calf. Ashley knew right away that this calf was just born, bringing her to instantly realize this was the mother’s calf that needed to be found. The hot sun shined down on the baby Bottlenose Dolphin as Ashley placed her hand on the skin, it already hot from the short amount of time the calf was out of the water. Ashley reached into her pocket to grab her cellphone, cursing at herself for forgetting it. The fishing line had begun to deeply cut the Dolphin as blood dripped out from the wounds, which made the brunette curse even more as she picked up a thick, sharp shell and begin to carefully cut the thin string.

Everything’s going to be okay. Ashley said telepathically to the calf, bringing it to look at her.

I’m so hungry… I want my mom. The calf responded back.

She’s safe, and you’ll be safe too.
Once Ashley was done cutting all the fishing line she saw all the wounds, bringing her to levitate water from the ocean and begin to gently rub it on the calf to cool it off from the sun. The brunette then took off her tank top and tore it into shreds, wetting them and placing them down on the wounds to try and stop the bleeding. Ashley knew however that in a few moments she would have to run back home and call her mother so they could save the Dolphin.
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